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Chulaf3 Mod V2.1 (Foods, Tools, Weapons, Bosses, Dimensions and more!)

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HexZani Studios avatar HexZani Studios
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Hi, Thanks for clicking my mod:D

i know the name of the mod might be a little confusing, but i made a smaller version of this mod for mc 1.7.10 many years ago to a very good friend that wanted it, so i called the mod chulaf3 because that was the name he used in everything, so it feels wrong to change the name of the mod.

V2.1 is now finished (check Update log for more)

This mod adds some new Foods, Tools, Weapons, blocks and crafting materials to the game.

you can craft different tier pickaxes all the way up to Ultra Solid Steel Pickaxe which is the best one now, and its OP but also expensive.
You can Also use cobblestone to something usefull. usualy we get mad about all the cobblestone taking all your inventory space when you are strip-mining,. but now you can use it! use 9 cobble to make 1 mega stone, use 9 mega stone to get a super stone, use 9 super stone to get a coin ore, smelt the coin ore to get ore coin, use ore coins to craft iron, gold or diamond blocks (see last picture)
chocolate heals you, Big bread is crafted of hay bales and not wheat:D but also fully fills up you hunger bar.
golden potato chips is like golden apple but a chip instead of apple:D
sodas gives u potion effects which can make your life very much easier for a short moment, in Mining, diving or pvp/e and more!

The new dimensions is an easy way to get alot of Superstone which can be used to craft diamonds, netherite, gold and iron. you can also get stone golem sword, drops rarely from strong stone golem, it has aloooot of damage but very little durability. if you kill the stone golem boss you have a very rare chance of dropping Stone golem GodSword, this one does even more damage and still have alooot of durability.
Strong stone golem also rarely drop a Stone Boss shard, if you get 9 of this item, you can craft a stone golem boss crystal which u use to craft a stone golem boss portal igniter with 2 hard sticks.

Hope u enjoy this update, please let me know if you find any bugs, and i will look in to it:)

Forge 1.16.5 is the only thing you need to run this mod.

For more info look on the pictures above or ask me in comments.

Thanks for checking out/Downloading my mod:)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 04/13/2021 1:42:01 pmApr 13th

Added the ability to craft superstone back to megastone and mega back to cobble.
Added 2 new mobs and 1 boss. (Stone golem, Strong stone golem and stone golem boss)
Added 2 new Dimensions (Stone golem dimension and stone golem boss dimension)
Added new portal frame, crafted with 4 superstones (works for both dimensions)
Added 2 portal igniters (1 for Stone golem dimesnion portal and 1 for stone golem boss dimension portal)Added 2 New weapons ( stone golem sword and stone golem godsword)
Added 3 new material used for crafting portal igniters
Added Ore coin bag, which gives 16 ore coins when put in crafting table!

you can now craft netherite ingot with 1 dia block and 8 ore coins

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