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Clone Armor Update 0.2.1 | Armourer's Workshop Content Pack

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avatar PowerlessMonkey
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
Join the Caleb-Sion Army! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8y1b3Z310SzjPMq-U9F6A

Update 0.0.3 187th Added Gun Design Made. Not Implemented into the mod
Update 0.0.4 327th Added And DC-17
Update 0.0.5 Alot of armors added, and a couple full armors.
Update 0.2.0 I have made 20 different versions since the last and havent posted them. i am very sorry. Comment down below some clone ideas and then give a description of what the clone would llook like, and its name and if its gonna be multipul clones give a battalion worth of troopers including officers, and troopers, and arcs, arfs, and all those things, and give names, and the division name and its number such as: 288th Jedi Clone Battalion. in which your suggestions will NOT go to development itll just be something for you guys to look forward to. also i would like to thank you for 150 downloads and all your views!!! also i still have SG , RG , KS , and a bunch more to do XD.
Update 0.2.1 | No armor update but GO TEAM PEWDIEPIE!!! I will releasing a pewdiepie armor for Update 0.2.2
OK 1.2.1 IS REALEASED! I couldnt think of ideas for stuff. BUT NOW I HAVE STUFF! and here is a contest for yall! Whoever finds the 2 new items, and comments what they are, the first 3 to do so will get a clone armor made based on them, so with your comment of the items, do another sentence explaining what you want your armor to look like, number 1 place gets an entire division. so number 1 person comment instead of a soldier idea comment your division name, number, what soldiers colors are, what they look like, who the commander is and his name, and I will also feature you when I get my armourers workshop content packs channel!

This Mod Would Be Considered Complete If I Had The Time To Create Body Armor, and it is only at 45% also because i am also doing my own battalions based on most minecraft mobs

This is a mod that is for basically just role-play armor for armourer's workshop. I am posting a picture with the mod so that you can see the combinations cause there's accessories that are not assigned so hopefully you can tell who needs what accessory.

24th Is Not An Official Star Wars Division It Is Mainly Cause I Wanted A Battallion Based On Heat.

1st Download Mod
2nd Download Armourer's Workshop If Not Already Done.
3rd Extract all files from the .Zip
4th Put Clone-Armor-0.0.1 Into Folder Armourer's Workshop Found On .Minecraft where you would normally get to saves and mods and stuff.
5th Click Play on 1.7.10. Play With The Armor Make A Role-Play Server.
Note: Please Give Credit To Me If You Are Using This In Video's and A Download Link. And Give Credit To Me On Servers.

This Is 1/10 Done So Don't say I would like more or something.

Planned Stuff:
ARC Troopers
Light Sabers
Jet's Unit
Scuba Trooper
Clone Cadet
Clone Gunner
Clone Tank Pilot
Kamino Security
Spec Op's
Rancor Battalion
Desert Trooper
Body Armor
Progress85% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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  • Fnaffan_89
  • Level 1
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  • March 24, 2019, 4:13 am
i subscribed i think its going to be amezing
Ive been working non stop from monday to friday last week on this and it is already out download it and read the installation in the description
people diamond my stuff but never subscribe.

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