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Crafting Disc Data-Pack 1.13

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avatar Gamer_249
Level 4 : Apprentice Warrior

Ciao a tutti, questo è il mio primo pacchetto di dati e permette di craftare i dischi musicali in Minecraft Vanilla! Craftando quattro pietre focaie in torno a un colorante si può avere un particolare disco musicale. Questo datapack è perfetto per i soundpack in sopravvivenza!
Spero che vi piaccia, lasciate un diamante e se avete domande o consigli, scrivete un commento!



Hi everyone, this is my first data package and allows to craft music discs in Minecraft Vanilla! Crafting four flints around a dye you can have a particular musical record. This datapack is perfect for survival soundpacks! I hope you enjoy it, leave a diamond and if you have any questions or advice, write a comment!

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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  • MineFortress
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Dragonborn
  • March 21, 2019, 3:28 am
Thank you very much for this, I love the records in Minecraft and being able to craft them is really nice.
  • Lunos
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • March 15, 2019, 10:35 am
I tested this mod on the latest snapshot (19w11b) and it's partially working. Out of the 10 crafting recipes you showed here, 6 work while the other 4 don't.
The ones that don't work specifically, are the ones that use Red Dye, Yellow Dye, Ink Sac and Green Dye.
I understand that the datapack is intended to work with the 1.13 version specifically, but I thought I should mention this issue anyway, in case you wanna keep it in mind.

I always hated how you were forced to make a Skeleton kill a Creeper in order to collect all the damn discs. It's pretty bothersome, some of the discs aren't worth it depending on your music taste, and to top it all, it's goddamned random. Truly a pain in the butt.
It's a cool datapack, dude. Good work :)
  • Gamer_249
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • March 16, 2019, 6:38 am
As soon as 1.14 is released, I will update the data pack.
Thank you very much, I am happy that you like it, because I have a sound-pack created by me and neither do I, like you, want to kill creepers with skeletons.
And anyway the craftable discs are all twelve, only they weren't in the photos.
  • Gamer_249
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • March 12, 2019, 11:26 am
If you like this data-pack, please subscrive me!
Good idea, but if you want the crafting recipes to make more sense, then you should only be able to craft disc 11 by in some way, breaking the "stal" disc
  • Gamer_249
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • March 14, 2019, 4:47 am
What a coincidence I just made a data pack with crafting recipes for most uncraftable items including Records (mine are way more expensive)
  • Gamer_249
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • March 12, 2019, 6:43 am
I uploaded this data pack a week ago, it's greenlight that is late. And then I created this data pack from scratch using a particular site.
if you think i was accusing you of copying me or something I wasn't I just thought it was cool
  • Gamer_249
  • Level 4
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • March 14, 2019, 4:39 am
Thank you very much!

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