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Crazy Soups

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Crazy Soups

by DoctorMojik (ElMojik)

This Mod Adds 40+ different types of soups

and 3 new items. All of these items have an unique purpose in the game

Types Of Soups:

★Slime Soup: Grants you the same abilities that slime has.

★Lacteous Soup: Clear all effects of the user

★Honey Soup: This soup can save you from a big fall

★Hell Soup: This soup can save you from the lava burns

★Ender Soup: Grants you the same abilities and weaknesses of an enderman (also gives you a new effect) (not teleport)

★Water Soup: A strong and tasteless soup but that helps to be underwater

★Wither Soup: Grants Haste 2 but it grants wither 2

★Golden Soup: Mix 3 Special Items: Apple,Carrot and a piece of gold

★Guardian Soup: It tastes like you're eating nails and provides you with the ability to be underwater like a dolphin

★Elder Guardian Soup: More powerful than the Guardian soup, it grants you the abilities of an Elder Guardian

Creeper Soup: Why are you eating sulphu.... *BOOM*

Iron Golem Soup: Soo strong

Recall Soup: If you have played Terraria, you know

Unestable Mixes:

★Unestable Hell Mix: An unestable and powerful soup that mixes all the evil forces of the nether

★Unestable Ender Mix: Water and ender essence Unestable, but powerful



Aquaphobia: You hate big amounts of water and self-warm you
(Description was written in Release 1.3)
CreditCredit to: chrisiseker (reddit) To give me ideas for some soups
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

1 Update Logs

Changelog 1.8 : 08/05/2020 1:03:58 pmAug 5th

Changelog V.1.8

-Apple Soup: A very good type of normal soup, it grants 4 thighs of food

-Electric Creeper Soup: You know strike with a lightning the creeper soup

-Kelp Soup: Too good for the early-game

-Carrot Soup: A very good type of normal soup, it grants 4 thighs of food like the apple soup but more accessible

Bug Fixes:

Cooked Chiken Soup could only crafted by the normal furnace but no by the smoker (FIXED)

New Languajes:

-Now Crazy Soups is also in Spanish And French

This uptade is small because I'm working on a 1.12.2 Port of the mod


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