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Dance of Dragons: A mod of Ice and Fire

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Icarus1942 avatar Icarus1942
Level 33 : Artisan Miner

Hello PlanetMinecraft!

This is my first time posting here, and also, my first mod, so go easy on me and don't forget to stay tuned for more stuff!

Changelog (Read, it's important)

1.12.2-1a (2019-06-15):

-Initial release, the mod right now has little to show, but you can find a dragon egg and a dragon statue under the "decoration" tab in creative. No icon has been, however, added.


What is the goal of this mod?
The goal of the mod is to create a modification which brings your favorite show(at least mine) to life in Minecraft.
I am planning to add custom mobs and animations- but also custom items! Isn't that sweet?
Valyrian swords, dragons' whips and even Arya's sword Needle are already being worked on, and will be added sooner or later-

When is the mod going to be released?
It depends on how busy i am, and how hard is the stuff i am working on; could be tomorrow, could be next month. Also, help from you guys could really speed things up.

Can i help you in any ways?
Of course you can! Right now, i am looking for a coder to help me with the mod: he/she must be able to work with 3d model files such as .obj to import and have a vast knowledge of Forge.
Beta testers are also fine, just PM me.

Progress10% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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06/20/2019 2:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
_Hayravel avatar
I dont know if you know the Mine and Blade: Commander. But it would be very interesting if you could do something similar with the seven main houses of Game of Thrones. "Armies" of mobs that would use house skins that can be controlled by some item and fight each other.

By the way, although the egg and the dragon seem to be blocks, they are well modeled, especially the egg.
06/21/2019 4:41 am
Level 33 : Artisan Miner
Icarus1942 avatar
Never really thought about it, because right now i am having some serious code issues ; thanks for the suggestion, i'll see what i can do
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