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Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle Mod [Forge] [1.12.2] NEW UPDATE 1.5.0: We are the Crystal gems! (And we're entirely useless)

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avatar Bumper3241
Level 31 : Artisan Taco
"If I told you that Kingdom Hearts wasn't the best Action RPG on the Playstation 2, would you believe me?" ~Super Derek

Yes. Dark Cloud 2 was one of my childhood favourites, and to this day, I still replay the game on my PS2 for a quick blast of nostalgia. But then, I had an epiphany.

"What if I took my two favourite games, and merged them together?"

The outcome, though unfinished, is what you see before you today.

Welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 mod

This mod adds 90 new weapons to the game, along with 2 new ores, dyed iron ingots, an actual use for Iron nuggets (Seriously, they're entirely useless.), and 3 crappy biomes that will probably probably end up being removed when I figure out how to add randomly generated structures.

BP3241 - 03/12/18: Apparently I got on the popular reel, thank you all so much for the support!
BP3241 - 05/21/18: Thank you all so much for 500 DOWNLOADS!

Now, before I get started showing you what this game adds, Let's talk about some FAQs.

Spoiler - click to reveal
Q: Wait, what is Dark Cloud 2?

A: Dark Cloud 2, also known as Dark Chronicle in Europe and Japan, is an Action JRPG Dungeon Crawler released for the Playstation 2 in 2003, and re-released as an HD port on the Playstation 4 in 2016. it was developed by LEVEL-5 as an indirect sequel to Dark Cloud, and featured may improvements upon the game's mechanics.

Q: Why is this game from 2003 relevant at all?

A: It's not. this is a fan project that I created to;
1) Pay tribute to (subjectively) one of the greatest games ever created, and
2) to get the name more out into the public. If LEVEL-5 sees its game is still popular, they may create the long awaited Dark Cloud 3 the fanbase has been waiting for.

Q: Where did you get the sprites?

A: The sprites were ripped from actual in-game sprites by Deviantart user darkcapilla.

Q: How did you make this mod?

A: Yes, I am answering a *totally* real question, and I'm not at all legally obliged to disclose that I created this mod using MCreator.

Q: Why do the Antique Sword, Sun Sword, and Big Bang all have 16 pixel sprites, whilst all other weapons have 30 pixel sprites?

A: This is because of the way the sprites are shaped in the actual game. All the 30x30 sprites I used were facing diagonally, with the exception of those three, which were facing vertically. Because of the way Paint.Net works, and because I'm too cheap for Photoshop (Something I wouldn't be if MCreator allowed me to make money off of this mod, something which I am legally not allowed to do) I couldn't rotate the sprites. Therefore, I used sprites I made over a year ago when I first thought of this mod. I may make an alternative to the mod where All the sprites I originally created are used in favour of the actual in game sprites if people want it. But if not, then I won't bother.

Q: What is 'Spheda?'

A; Spheda is a golf-like mini-game where, upon defeating every monster on a dungeon floor, a player may partake in. The object of Spheda is to fill in a Time Distortion with a Distortion Fragment using the Spheda clubs. There are more rules, however, I am currently not sure if it is possible to implement Spheda into Minecraft, at least not on my own.

And finally, on to the content of the mod.

Spoiler - click to reveal
The game contains 2 ores, and they are:

Sunstone Ore

This ore is used to create a Sunstone Block, which is an essential part of the creation of Maximillian's Wrench's, Hammers, Spheda Clubs, and Guns.

Moonstone Ore

This ore is used to create a Moonstone Block, which is an essential part of the creation of Monica's Swords. (And soon, her armbands as well)

Spoiler - click to reveal
The mod contains 2 decorative blocks that are also used in smelting recipes.

Sunstone Block

The Sunstone Block is a decorative block that is acquired by smelting Sunstone Ore, and when smelted again, will give a Red Atlamillia.

Moonstone Block

The Moonstone Block is a Decorative block that is acquired by smelting Moonstone Ore, and when smelted again, will give a Blue Atlamillia

Spoiler - click to reveal
Red Atlamillia

The red Atlamillia is the stone that has chosen Max as it's wearer. This, however, is useless in it's current form. It requires Max's trademark gold pendant in order to be of any use. This item is obtained by smelting a Sunstone Block. This item, in the future, will harm the player when held, emulating the in-game lore, that someone whom the Atlamillia has not chosen, cannot touch it.

Max's Atlamillia

Max's Atlamillia, which can be used in every weapon Max uses, which includes Guns, Hammers, Wrenches, and Spheda Clubs, is one of the driving plot items in Dark Cloud 2. I plan on making this item wearable as well.

Blue Atlamillia

The Blue Atlamillia is the stone that has chosen Monica as it's wearer. This, however, is useless in it's current form. It requires Monica's trademark silver pendant in order to be of any use. This item is obtained by smelting a Moonstone Block. This item, in the future, will harm the player when held, emulating the in-game lore, that someone whom the Atlamillia has not chosen, cannot touch it.

Monica's Atlamillia

Monica's Atlamillia, which can be used in every weapon Monica uses, which includes Swords and Armbands, is one of the driving plot items in Dark Cloud 2. I plan on making this item wearable as well.

Gate Keys

At the end of every Dungeon, the key required to proceed to the next floor, is called a 'Gate Key.' I've added them into the game, and they're going to be used to travel to separate dimensions for each of the dungeons, rather than crappy biomes that exist now. Here are the recipes, whoich are used to make pointless aesthetic items.

Dyed Iron

Dyed Iron is an item that I've created, used in many, if not all of the recipes for creating the weapons in this mod. they're created by placing 1 dye, and one iron ingot in THIS EXACT POSITION. I was too much of a lazy piece of crap to make the recipes shapeless, but if demand is high, I'll make them shapeless in the next update.

Repair Powders

Repair Powders are special powders used to restore your weapons WHP when crafted along with a damaged weapon

I mean, you COULD use it on a weapon with full WHP, but why?

Why would you do that?

Weapon Repair Powder: Used on Wrenches, Hammers, Spheda Clubs, and Swords

Gun Repair Powder: Used on Max's Guns

Armband repair powder is in the game, and can be crafted, but it's entirely useless because Armbands aren't in the mod yet.

Whoops, I forgot to add the recipes for new foods. lol

Note, this item uses the old bread on the top layer, however, because of a bug, the texture in game messes with regular Bread and Gunpowder
Other than that, here's the rest of the food.

Spoiler - click to reveal
NOTE: I'm too lazy to come up with original descriptions, so Ima just copy+paste the in-game descriptions

Also, if you want to find out how the weapon chains go, click here

Battle Wrench:

"Big wrench. Looks painful."

True Battle Wrench:

"The Battle Wrench, made easier to use in battle."

Drill Wrench:

"Wrench with a drill attached."

Smash Wrench:

"Powerful wrench that smashes monsters to pieces."

Stinger Wrench:

"Special wrench that can steal items from the enemy."
Note: Upon crafting the Stinger Wrench, it automatically comes with Looting II

Poison Wrench:

"Wrench that can sting the enemy with poison."
NOTE: I can't add effects to weapons, idk why.

Sigma Breaker:

"Highly functional weapon that splits the damage."

Grade Zero:

"Rolls attack points all the way around to zero again."

Spoiler - click to reveal
Turtle Shell Hammer:

"Hammer made from a turtle's shell."

Frozen Tuna:

"Frozen like a rock. You can't eat it. Use it as a weapon."

Cubic Hammer:

"Powerful. Sharp corners. Delivers heavy damage."

Digi Hammer:

"High-tech hammer designed for efficient attack."

Heavy Hammer:

"Battle hammer that packs a heavy wallop."


"Legendary hammer whose very existence was in doubt."

Kubera's Hand:

"Weapon in the shape of the god Kubera's hand."

Big Bucks Hammer:

Spoiler - click to reveal
Handy Stick:

"Just the right size for swinging. Good for Spheda?"


"Spheda putter. Good for short distances."


"Spheda club. Good for medium range."


"Spheda club. Good for medium range and curved shots."


"Spheda club. Good for long shots."


"Spheda club. Good for long shots."

Spoiler - click to reveal
In order to use the guns, you first have to craft a bullet. Is it a lazy sprite? yes. Do I care? Not really.

NOTE: The Bullet uses a new Gunpowder item, which is crafted using a paper underneath a regular Gunpowder. I was just too lazy to update the picture.

Classic Gun:

"Light and easy to use."

Dryer Gun:

"Peculiar gun fashioned out of a hair dryer."

Trumpet Gun:

"Gun made from a trumpet. What'll they think of next?"

Jurak Gun:

"Jurak's mystical gun. It's powerful, but a bit plain."

Bell Trigger:

"Charming gun made from a bell. Kind of cute, really."

Grenade Launcher:

"Allow rapid-fire of grenades. A little heavy."

Magic Gun:

"Forms magic power in the atmosphere into bullets."

Star Breaker:

"Its trademark is the destroyed star on its side."

Question Shooter:

"Interrogates the enemy."

Wild Cat:

"Cursed machine gun. Brings out the beast in its user."

Dark Viper:

"Sucks up and absorbs the effect of enemy attack." (No it doesn't lol)

Soul Breaker:

"Legend says it can smash any living creature's soul."

Sexy Panther

"A sexy little number. Can't get enough of this one."

Steal Gun:

"Steals enemy's items. Also called the "Thief Gun"." (The gun currently cannot drop extra items, but I'm working on it.)


"Vindictive machine gun bent on revenge."

Twin Buster:

"A double-barreled gun. Twice the power?"

Super Nova:

"Laser gun that burns as brightly as exploding stars"

Last Resort:

"There's no tomorrow for whoever faces this one."

Sigma Bazooka:

"Bazooka that fires rocket bombs."

Spoiler - click to reveal
Here's Monica's weapon tree as well.

Royal Sword:

"Decorative sword with quite an edge."

Long Sword:

"Monica's favorite. So-so attack, but easy to use."


"Light, one-handed sword. Relatively high attack."


"A big single-edged sword with long reach. Easy to use."

Bastard Sword:

"Strong double-edged sword."

Cliff Knife:

"Short sword with hidden magic powers."

Broad Sword:

"Broad, double-edged sword. Good attack power but heavy."

Bone Rapier:

"Sword made of bone. Its abilities are unknown." (In the future, this sword will poison enemies)

Mardan Sword:

"Might contain the spirit of Mardan Garayan."


"Distinctive curved blade. Easy to handle."


"Single-edged sword that's easy to handle."


"Short, easy-to-handle sword."

Sand Breaker:

"Rare sword made from desert sand. Easily broken, though." (This sword will break twice as fast)

Kitchen Knife:

"Get good with this and you could be a super chef."

Wise Owl Sword:

"Legendary sword made by the white-bearded owl's artisan."


"Sword imbued with the power of an evil spirit." (In the future, this sword will poison enemies)


"Wieldy, single-edged sword with a unique design. Sharp."

Brave Ark:

"Legendary sword. All but forgotten."

Holy Daedalus Blade:

"The sword Monica's father, King Raybrandt, left her."

Antique Sword:

"Ancient sword forged long ago."


"Short sword with a beautifully-patterned blade."

Serpent Slicer:

"A sword bathed crimson in the lifeblood of snakes."

Drain Seeker:

"Demon sword born of a magic spell. Drains enemy power." (In the future, this sword will poison enemies)

Garayan Sword:

"Probably contains the spirit of Mardan Garayan."


"Large, double edged-sword. Heavy but powerful."

Ruler's Sword:

"Sword once used by the legendary Aga."

Sun Sword:

"Darkness-slicing sword. Legendary."

7 Branch Sword:

"Dug up from ancient ruins. Holds a mysterious power."

Halloween Blade:

"Cute sword with a Halloween pumpkin design."

Tsukikage (Soo-Ki-Kah-Gee):

"A sword blessed by the power of moonlight."

Lamb's Sword:

"As gentle as a lamb? Looks weak, but..." (In the future, the sword will change at night)

Small Sword:

"Small Japanese sword. Wieldy and devastatingly sharp."


"Sword of darkness. Once owned by the god of death."

Cross Heinder:

"A treasured, double-edged sword with tremendous power."

Chronicle Sword:

"Manipulates time. Found between time and space."

Big Bang:

"Star-powered sword."

Shining Bravado:

"Aborbs light and converts it into slashing power."

Am a no Murakumo:

"A sword among swords. The strongest of all?"


"A sword that devours the souls of men."

Dark Excalibur:

"Evil sword that presides over everlasting darkness."

Mardan Garayan:

"Definitely contains the spirit of Mardan Garayan."

Sword of Zeus:

"Sword of immeasurable power. Once used by the great god."

Chronicle 2:

"Manipulates time. Surpasses even the Chronicle Sword."

Atlamillia Sword:

"Sword with the power of an Atlamillia."


"Famous sword crafted by great swordsmith Muramasa."

7th Heaven:

"Beautifully ornate sword. He who sees it is captivated."

Dark Cloud:

"Magic sword with the power of darkness."

Griffon Fork:

"Made from the feathers of a legendary monster."

Island King:

"Once used by the great ancient king, Kamehameha."

Spoiler - click to reveal
I.O.U. - 16 weapons

Spoiler - click to reveal
Fixed stats
Fixed items
More Uses for items


Better Crafting
Fixed Lamb Sword
3D models for items
Actual build-up of weapons
Music discs with Actual DC2 Tracks

Spoiler - click to reveal
-Shooting a gun crashes the game, though this is most likely an issue on MCreator's part, not mine.
-Due to a bug in how I named textures, Vanilla Gunpowder and Bread have the same textures as their Dark Cloud 2 variants.
-A Compatibility error occurs when using the Cool Creatures Mod, Because that mod also has a Kitchen Knife item. The mod is still playable, however, the Dark Cloud 2 Kitchen Knife is replaced with the other one.

Spoiler - click to reveal
Dark Cloud 2, all art, and ideas go to LEVEL-5, and Sony Computer Entertainment, all credit go to them, with the exception of Dyed Iron variants, Moonstone and Sunstone Ores and Blocks, and all crafting recipes.
Darkcapilla for providing the In game art for the sprites
MCreator for assistance in coding the mod.

Have any bugs? Tweet me @bumper3241, or leave it in the comments

I am legally obligated to say that I, Bumper3241, created this mod using MCreator, and I am making no profits off of this mod in any way.

If you want to use this mod in a mod review, please link my YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/bumper3241
Progress60% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

8 Update Logs

Version 1.5.0 : 05/21/2018 5:07:16 pmMay 21

-Added crystals and their corresponding ores, though they have no function for the time being, they're still pretty to look at :)
-The tags for the mod are much shorter now
-All the items are organized into better tabs
-Temporarily removed the Gift Capsule.
The gun crash still happens, but a workaround happens when you shoot the gun, and immediately look up or in another direction. It doesn't always work, but it sometimes does.

The stupid gun crash still happens, so I guess that's something for MCreator 1.7.10 to fix

There may be a few more things, but that's the bulk of the update.

I'd like to take this changelog to call for help. Though creating items may be easy for me, I want to emulate Dark Cloud 2's core weapon-upgrading mechanics through GUIs. So with that, if anyone reading this wants to help me with this, please reach out to me on one of my many social media sites (Youtube, Twitter, etc.) or please apply in the comments. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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paresse ser legal mais eu nunca joguei dark sols
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Se você tem um Playstation 4, eu recomendo que você o experimente.
vc fala em ingles ou traduzindo?
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eu estou usando o Google Tradutor
ok tchau / ok bye bye

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