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Deeper Storage

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avatar fafik77
Level 27 : Expert Miner
Deeper Storage stores a single item type up to Max Amount of integer (clearly larger than any chest)

Allows you to store massive amount of items in one block space. Whats more you can carry the storage in your inventory and relocate it.

Making Deeper Storage requires 7x Iron Block and 64x Chest and 1 item that will be stored (item from item list) to be put in a Dropper (Pic. bellow)
  Then stand on top of it to activate it. Will change like so:

  • Works in Multiplayer
  • Accepts hoppers input/output
  • 1st Slot is kept full when possible(enough to take a comparator signal of 2), 2nd Slot is the input -- items are moved to storage
  • By being just 1 block and an entity it saves on Lag that would be caused by a storage with great Item Storage Amount
  • Does Not use scoreboard to store items
  • Can be moved -- just move the Dropper with its content(Deep Storage Holder) and stand on top as before to activate it

Item List  
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

1 reply

05/21/2019 4:09 pm
Level 27 : Expert Miner
Maybe i should make it so when "Deep Storage Holder" is in player inventory it will suck in items of its type....

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