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Elemental Crafters v0.1

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avatar SuperBuildcraft
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
This is a data pack that took me about 1 month to make.
It improves survival vanilla minecraft, adds in some new perspective to the game, while still trying to fit in with the vanilla theme.
Changelog(you can also find this in the data pack folder):
- Added new recipes and tweaked some old recipes:
+ Logs now give 2 planks instead of 4.
+ Wood recipes has been changed to give 4 wood instead of 3.
+ Changed blast furnaces and smokers recipes.
+ Chests recipe now gives 2 chests instead of 1.
+ Added recipes for fish buckets.
+ Changed cookie recipe.
+ Added recipes for horse armor and changed recipe for leather horse armor.
+ Re-added recipe for enchanted golden apples.
+ Changed recipe for enchanting tables.
+ Added recipe for bottles o' enchanting.
+ Furnaces, blast furnaces and smokers recipes are grouped into one "furnaces" group.
+ Changed recipes for glistering melon slices and golden carrots.
+ Added recipes for grass blocks, podzol and mycelium.
+ Added the ability to smelt rotten flesh.
+ Changed paper recipe and added paper recipe from planks.
+ Added the ability to smelt and smoke poisonous potato.
+ Removed current prismarine bricks recipe and added 2 new recipes.
+ Removed current sea lanterns recipe and added 2 new recipes.
+ Added recipes for prismarine crystals and prismarine shards.
+ Changed recipe for pumpkin pie.
+ Changed the amount of seeds got from a pumpkin from 4 to 9.
+ Added the ability to craft 5 pumpkin seeds from a carved pumpkin.
+ Added recipe for saddles.
+ Changed recipe for shields.
+ Sticks recipe now gives 6 sticks instead of 4.
+ Stone tools now cost stone to make instead of cobblestone.
+ Added the ability to craft stripped wood from stripped logs.
- Added advancements for new recipes.
- Added new item tags:
+ "mushrooms" for red mushrooms and brown mushrooms.
+ "seeds" for wheat seeds, melon seeds, beetroot seeds and pumpkin seeds.
+ "small_plants" for grass and fern.
- Added 5 new items, 4 of which has a 1%(+1%/fortune level, cap at 11%) to drop 1 of 4 types from stone.
- Logs now need to be broken with an axe or flint in order to get the item.
- Changed sea lanterns loot table.
- Changed fire:
+ Flaming arrows now set nearby blocks on fire.
+ Flaming arrows now burn out when hit the grounf or on a wall that is flamable.
+ Creepers on fire now explodes.
- Improved food.
- Buffed golden apples and enchanted golden apples.
- Absorption now automatically clears when player does not have any absorption hearts.
- Hostile mobs no longer attack each other.
- Dealing 10 hearts of damage now heals the player's health and hunger.
- Walking on certain blocks for a time now creates a path.
+ Players can disable this ability by sneaking or wearing leather boots.
+ Blocks affected are: grass blocks, dirt, coarse dirt, stone, mossy cobblestone, gravel, mossy stone bricks, stone bricks, sand, red sand, netherrack, nether bricks.
- Improved hostile mob spawning:
+ Blazes, cave spiders, guardians, shulkers, silverfish, skeleton horses, wither skeletons and zombie horses now spawn naturally.
+ Skeletons and strays now have a 50% chance to spawn without a bow and instead a chance with a different melee weapon.
+ Zombie pigmen have a 10% chance to spawn being angry.
+ Creepers have a 25% chance to spawn with less fuse and higher speed but smaller explosion radius.
+ Zombies and husks have a 25% chance to spawn being stronger, tougher and faster.
+ Phantoms can spawn being bigger, stronger, tougher and faster.
- Added a new iron crafting table:
+ Players can craft better items in this crafting table.
+ It takes up to 2 seconds to craft an item.
+ Most items can be crafted in stacks.
+ Other players can interfere with the crafting process.
+ Players can craft this item in a crafting table.
- Added items for the iron crafting table and their recipes:
+ Blessed Items: Normal Items with Enchantments.
* Plundering Sword: Golden Sword with Looting II and Sweeping Edge I.
* Lightweight Boots: Leather Boots with Feather Falling I and Depth Strider I.
* Charmed Pickaxe: Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune II.
* Defensive Leggings: Iron Leggings with Fire Protection III, Blast Protection I and Projectile Protection I.
* Penetrative Crossbow: Crossbow with Piercing I.
* Soft Pickaxe: Iron Pickaxe with Silk Touch.
* Refined Rod: Fishing Rod with Luck of the Sea II and Lure II.
* Mighty Axe: Golden Axe with Efficiency II and Unbreaking III.
* Blazing Bow: Bow with Power I and Flame.
* Marine Helmet: Diamond Helmet with Respiration I and Aqua Affinity.
* Heavy Stick: Stick with Knockback I.
* Serrated Sword: Iron Sword with Sharpness III.
* Expeditious Shovel: Iron Shovel with Efficiency I.
* Spiky Chestplate: Diamond Chestplate with Thorns I.
* Scorching Sword: Diamond Sword with Fire Aspect I.
- Added recycling:
+ Can only be done in the iron crafting table.
+ Works for all durability.
+ Returns from 0 to the amount of material required to craft the recycled item.
+ Can recycle items to give iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds.
+ To recycle surround the item that needs recycling with coal or charcoal, but only 1 type.
+ Items includes: tools and armor made of iron ingots, horse armor, gold ingots or diamonds, shears, compasses, shields, minecarts, saddles, hoppers, cauldrons, iron doors, clocks, golden apples(not enchanted ones), golden carrots and glistering melon slices.
- Added a "Food Guide":
+ Can be crafted by putting a book and quill in the middle slot and surrounding it with 1 type of seeds, but none in the corner slots.
+ Gives info on the new food system.

There is also a resource pack for the data pack that you should use while playing. It is in the changelog file(which is in the downloadable file) or the link is www.mediafire.com/file/5ic53ydsvzr601s/%25C2%25A7cElemental_%25C2%25A7bCrafters_%25C2%25A7av0.1.rar/file " rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.mediafire.com/file/5ic53ydsvzr601s/%25C2%25A7cElemental_%25C2%25A7bCrafters_%25C2%25A7av0.1.rar/file

Thanks for downloading!
(P.S. This is my first data pack, so don't sue me if it's bad, thanks for downloading again!)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

5 replies

06/14/2019 10:17 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Guys, also feel free to leave your suggestions, I'll gladly take in them and they could potientially in new updates(if it's good and you know, not impossible to make)
06/14/2019 10:15 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
I'm incredibly thankful that you guys are enjoying this data pack, this gives me motivation to keep on working updates for this data pack.
06/13/2019 9:43 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragon
Oh gosh that's impressive. I can't believe it's a datapack nbt a mod!
06/14/2019 10:05 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
And as you see, this is version 0.1, so I'll be updating this pack very constantly.
06/14/2019 10:04 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Thank you! I'm really trying to find ways that make this data pack fit in with vanilla minecraft, even the little machanics too!

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