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Enchaintment - A Chaining Enchantment [Forge][1.12.*]

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Level 41 : Master Blob
This mod adds a new (rare) enchantment called 'Chaining' which applies to all digging tools (i.e. shovels, picks, and axes) and allows you to mine multiple blocks [that the tool is effective against] at once! And for those times you need to precision mine, sneaking will bypass the effect.

Keep in mind though that your tool will be still damaged for all blocks destroyed by the effect of chaining...the same as if you mined them all one-by-one. Another small trade off is that when mining blocks that drop XP, only the first block mined will give you XP.

On the bright side though, there's no restrictions with any other enchantments - So things like fortune, silk touch, and unbreaking will be applied for each chained block!

Further Details
Installing is as easy as dropping inside the folder: /.minecraft/mods/1.12.2

The in-game config (from the mod menu) contains a handful of different options (with descriptions), allowing you to have some freedom in customizing the blocks effected by this enchantment, and the strength of the effect.

If you have cheats enabled, you can enchant a held tool using the "enchant" command - for the parameter of which enchantment to use, you can either enter in "enchaintment:chaining" or simply "chain" and then press tab (which will auto-complete it).

Technical Details

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, bugs, or new ideas, feel free to post them below!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
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