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Expert Difficulty Datapack

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avatar Myutuality
Level 23 : Expert Modder
You wish there was a harder difficulty than "Hard"?
This Datapack will fulfill this wish. ALL Mobs are buffed!

For best experience, lock the difficulty at hard and install the Expert Difficulty datapack.
The datapack will change the difficulty to hard when it is installed anyways.

You heard me right. ALL mobs are buffed. Even passive mobs. Even fish.

General modifications:
- Standard monsters (zombies, skeletons, endermen etc.) have an overall buff strength of ~ +33%
- Special monsters (Evoker, Pillager, Iron Golem etc.) have an overall buff strength of ~ +150%
- Passive mobs (Cows, Sheep etc) have a health buff strength of ~ +50%
- Tameable mobs (Ocelot, Parrot etc.) have armor buffs since they cannot have their health modified due to the feeding system

Wolves have been significantly buffed when they decide to fight on your side (or against you)! They move faster now (to simulate running towards an enemy) and can survive way longer, dealing FIVE times the standard damage to help you on your adventure!

Boss monsters:
Ender Dragon= 5x health
Wither= 4x health

Why don't you have a look at it yourself?
Have fun!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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