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EZTeleport 1.14+

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avatar Y4nn
Level 17 : Journeyman Crafter
EZTeleport [v0.6]


Welcome to my second published datapack! This datapack allows you as the player to easily set and remove a portal to a destination. This datapack currently houses five themed portals, but expect to see more in the future. These five themed portals are Void, Water, Ember, Nature and Cloud. Each has a different sound and animation.
The default names of the portals can be changed with a name tag.

This datapack is loaded in automatically, but make sure it is enabled using the following command: /datapack enable "file/EZ_Teleport"

Make sure to reload your world to fully initiate the datapack ("/reload").

Begin placing the portals by typing: /trigger

Thank you in advance for downloading my datapack! If you have any tips or problems, let me know in the comments.

Make sure to use the teleporters in (force)loaded chunks! The destinations often cannot be found if not doing so. (Eased since update 0.3)

- Survival and server friendly
- Themed for fun
- Lightweight
- Straight forward


Even though the datapack has got all of its core functions done, there are things to improve and add. Check out the list below for possible future updates and keep watch on new releases.

<> Wishlist towards v1.0:
- Adding up to 10 or more portals
- Adding a many to one and one to many portal
- Additional help icons
- Check orientation function of the destination
- Additional feedback messages
- Finalising option menu

<> Known issues:
- There currently is a bug in Minecraft 1.14 and higher with hover events on a selector in tellraw commands. This bug causes the text to not be shown instead of or after/before the entity data. Click events do still work, but any tooltip will not be shown. However, these tooltips do exist in this datapack should the bug be fixed anytime soon. --> Bypassed.
- No easy way to obtain either a not placed starting position or destination after enough text has been sent to mask the original help menu with the place portal function. Along with no existent feedback message if the portal has already been placed.
- Repeatedly clicking on 'remove' of an already removed portal will bring up a new menu each time. Use the lastly given menu at all times. --> Extra menu no longer exists.
- Starting positions are not forceloaded if not present around a destination in the same chunk and sometimes do not show a name in the help menu. Fixed in future updates.
- Removing a full portal outside of the forceloaded area of a destination, will not fully get rid of the destination. While this is not a problem right away if the area is never loaded again, it can interfere with the teleporting behaviour. Be sure to remove the portals at both locations. If an outlier is detected, try using the replace function.
- Standing in a starting position with no placed destination will result in sound and particle spam.


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Progress80% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

6 Update Logs

Version 0.6 : 09/19/2019 2:50:12 pmSep 19th

Version 0.6:
- Added a new portal: Cloud.
- Added two new options:
  - Allow survival to use the trigger helpmenu command.
  - Allow items to travel through portals.
- Added permissions.
- Added and changed extra feedback messages.
- Changed help icons.
- Additional help icons.
- Few small lay-out changes.

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