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Firemage v0.9

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avatar oyo321
Level 31 : Artisan Blockhead
This datapack adds a second nether themed boss in minecraft: The Firemage!
He can only be summoned in the nether dimension and has totaly 150 HP, which can you see in a fancy healthbar.

How to summon:

This datapack adds a second nether-like boss to Minecraft: The Fire Mage!
He can only be summoned in the nether dimension and has a total of 150 HP, which you can see in the boss bar.

How to summon:

Place a nether wart block, four red nether tile blocks, and four normal nether tile blocks, as seen in the second image.
Be sure you do it in the nether! Throw a gold block, a ghastnose and five blazepowder on the nether warts block.
Make sure the blazepowder is a stack as drop and the gold block is on the nether warts block!

The fight:

He will appear immediately, so make sure you are not too close. The first thing you should know is that you can only beat the magma cube he is riding. If it is 2/3 HP or less, the magma cube will die and you can do damage to the mage himself.
The magician will try to run into you, but it is also possible for him to shoot fireballs in your direction. I really recommend a shield and fire resistance potions! It is also possible that he spawns minions. Just use your sword for this.
You will not get anything special if you kill him, but there will be later updates!

How to install:

To install, move "Firemage v0.9.1 to your Datapack folder in the world where you want to use it.
Enter the command "/ reload" once.

Update plans:
  • A special attack that summons many minions and make him heal himself.
  • A own arena you get tp when the fight begins.
  • Custom loot after dead.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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