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[Flan's] The Rising Dragon Pack 1 (1.7.10)

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TaskForce51 avatar TaskForce51
Level 74 : Legendary Warrior
The Rising Dragon Pack is here! The pack is themed around the Chinese Airforce and Navy. This pack includes the many aircraft that served in the People's Liberation Army Air Force. The pack includes WWII-era to modern-day aircraft. The pack includes fighters like the J-7, J-8, and FC-31. This pack also includes the J-20. The pack also includes bombers like the H-6, JH-7, and H-20. The pack also includes support aircraft like the KJ-2000. This pack is considered a Super Power Pack, learn more on my Discord. If you want to add this pack to a modpack or include it in a video then please feel free, but make sure that you credit me for my work.

The pack includes...

-Aerospatiale Gazelle China (All New)

-CAC FC-1 Xiaolong (All New)

-Shenyang FC-31 Gyrfalcon (All New)

-Xian H-20 (All New)

-Harbin H-5 Beagle (All New)

-Xian H-6 Badger (All New)

-Xian H-6K Badger (All New)

-Xian HY-6U Badger (All New)

-Ilyushin Il-10 Beast China (Manus) (All New)

-Ilyushin Il-76MP Candid (All New)

-Chengdu J-10A Vigorous Dragon (Skin by Dill) (All New)

-Shenyang J-11A (Skin by Dill) (All New)

-Shenyang J-11B (Skin by Dill) (All New)

-Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark (Skin by Dill) (All New)

-Shenyang J-15D Flying Shark (All New)

-Shenyang J-16 Flanker-L (Skin by Dill) (All New)

-Shenyang J-2 Fagot (All New)

-Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon (All New)

-Shenyang J-5 Fresco (All New)

-Shenyang J-6 Farmer (All New)

-Chengdu J-7 Fishcan (All New)

-Shenyang J-8 Finback (All New)

-Shenyang J-8B Finback (All New)

-Xi'an JH-7 Flying Leopard (All New)

-Kamov Ka-28 Helix China (All New)

-Ilyushin KJ-2000 Mainring (All New)

-Xi'an KJ-600 (All New)

-Mil Mi-8 Hip China (All New)

-Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9 Fargo China (All New)

-North American P-51D Mustang China (All New)

-Nanchang Q-5 Fantan (All New)

-Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker-C (All New)

-Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E (All New)

-Xi'an Y-20 Kunpeng (All New)

-Shaanxi Y-8 Cub (All New)

-Shaanxi Y-8FQ Cub (All New)

-Yakovlev Yak-17UTI Magnet China (All New)

-Yakovlev Yak-9P Frank (All New)

-CAIC WZ-10K Fierce Thunderbolt(THCobra) (All New)

-Changhe Z-11W (THCobra) (All New)

-Harbin Z-19W Black Whirlwind(THCobra) (All New)

-Harbin Z-20 (All New)

-Harbin Z-20F (All New)

-Harbin Z-5 Hound (Dill) (All New)

-Harbin Z-8 Super Frelon (All New)

-Harbin Z-9 Haitu (All New)

This Requires......

[​Flan] [​4.9.0] British Military Pack [​Update 1] Typhoon, Chieftain and Scorpion

Modern Weapons Pack

World War II Pack

TF51 Basic Pack 4

If you enjoy my work please consider donating a few bucks, thank you so much!


Discord Link

CreditDill, THCobra
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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05/28/2022 10:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Aslan_Whiterock avatar
Very good PLAAF stuff, love from Zhejiang, China❤❤❤

and will there be any Taiwanese stuff (F-CK-1 Ching Kuo fighter, AT-3 trainer, etc) in the next update...or in a independent pack?
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