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Game of Thrones Mod [1.7.10]

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avatar Hummel009
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Game of Thrones Mod is a huge expansion for Minecraft 1.7.10 that aims to add the world of popular series into the game. The mod is based on LOTR mod (with permission of its creator). It has been in development since May 2019, with a great amount of planned features yet to come in the future. New updates are published frequently - usually every week or two weeks.

New contents:
  • A new Game of Thrones dimension.
  • Over 100 new biomes, sub-biomes, and biome variants, each with their own unique structures and resources.
  • Biomes are generated in accordance with book map of Game of Thrones.
  • The mysterious, unexplored lands of Sothoryos and Ulthos.
  • Hundreds of new blocks, weapons, armours, foods, and items.
  • People and races from the world of Ice and Fire.
  • Rideable dragons.
  • An alignment system where your actions can improve or harm your reputation with many independent factions.
  • New gameplay elements dependent on the player's alignment: trading, unit hiring, and an expanded achievement system.
  • Randomly generated Mini-Quests, and the MQ Book to record them.
  • A system of modifiers for customising and upgrading your weapons, tools, and armour.

We'll be glad to have a help with translation of the Game of Thrones Mod. Every translator will be given the exclusive in-game shield. File for basis you can choose here.


Hummel009, DAndMaster, Danvintius Bookix, Alqualindё, Tar-Adunahor, Alex.Vladimirov, Jaehaerys.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

11 Update Logs

Game of Thrones v12.8 : 05/25/2020 11:12:11 amMay 25th

+ Added Jeor Mormont
+ Added Jon Snow and his legendary quest
+ Added Cotter Pyke
+ Added Denys Mallister
* Improved Petyr Baelish (now it's possible to buy Petyr's dagger)
* Improved Gregor Clegane
* Improved Oberyn Martell
* Improved Sandor Clegane
* Improved Night King
* Improved White Walker's mechanics
* Improved biome Always Winter
* Improved Night's Watch hiring
* Improved Night's Watch spawning
* Improved White Walkers spawning
* Improved code structure
* Fixed bug with ice brick
* Fixed bug with Craster
* Fixed bug with MQ GUI
* Fixed legendary mob size
* Fixed bug with MQ unicode
- Removed Night's Watch Captains
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