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Gliding Rainbow Horses

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avatar Ercerus
Level 22 : Expert Explorer
Have you ever dreamed about gliding of a tall mountain with a RAINBOW horse, almost as light as air? Of course you did! And now it's time to finally try it!

How to get your RAINBOW horse?
Just throw an elytra at your favorite horses and they will equip it, which will make them glide of cliffs on a cloud and give them the ability to perform extra long jumps. They will leave a trail of RAINBOW behind them, if you ride on them.

Some extra information
  • This also works with skeleton- and zombie horses.
  • Horses will drop a used up elytra upon death, if they carried one.
  • All enchantments and extra NBT data will be removed from the elytra when it's equiped by a horse.
  • Elytras carried by horses will not break. Only if the horse dies a used up version will drop.

Download the .zip file and put it into the datapacks folder of your world. That's it!

This datapack should be compatible with all other datapacks.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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