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HomePlugin - /sethome and /home Datapack in Minecraft 1.14!

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avatar NickTonj
Level 31 : Artisan Modder
This datapack requires VaultDPN!

/trigger sethome
/trigger home

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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you know, there is a more compact way to make this one, But still, good executing.
I'm just pinpointing this so that we can be better as datapack creators. Hope you understand.
Also, using a raw minecraft:tick command tag brings in some problems. If you were to, say, install a bunch of your datapacks then combine them together, then 1 #minecraft:tick (which is 1/20 of a second - insanely fast) has to run a buckload of commands which may cause immensive lag. The solution? If you're stuck on finding a solution to that then you can always contact me for tips.
There are a few problems tho:
If you use the playername "latestid" in your codes then it might get really buggy when there is an actual player named "latestid" comes to the server.
I suggest adding a # (hashtag) in front of the playername. That makes it a global scoreboard. No one can edit this, Nothing can affect this. (unless you use /scoreboard to edit this value)
  • NickTonj
  • Level 31
  • Artisan Modder
  • February 11, 2019, 6:58 am
Thanks for all the tips and feedbacks! This was really just testing the abilities of VaultDPN.

Much Appreciated!

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