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Auto feed husbandry v1.2.0

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avatar MaximusArg1982
Level 8 : Apprentice Modder
This datapack mod makes animals impatient to be fed manually by you... Nah, not really.

It allows you to breed/heal animals by dropping their breeding food near them, instead of having to use it on them directly.
Which can be bothersome when you have a big enough amount of them around and they're all pushing you around.

I tested it on Vanilla versions release 1.14.4

How the pack works?
  • Drop the correct food items close by an adult animal (Currently: cows, sheep, mooshroom, pigs, chickens, and wolves)
  • Animal will consume the item.
  • Animal will activate love mode as if you used the item on it directly, following vanilla breeding procedures.
  • In the case of wolves, if they are not at full health when they consume the item, they will instead heal.
        • Animals will detect their item dropped as far as one block away (so they may not eat through a block/wall/fence/etc in the way).
        • When eating, one item will be subtracted from the item entity stack. Meaning:
        •   When you drop only one item, it will disappear.
        •   When you drop a stack, it will be reduced for as many hungry animals close by eat from it, probably leaving leftover items (i,e: dropping a stack of 10 wheat, close by two hungry cows, will leave behind 8 wheat)
        • You may automate this with dispenser/dropper redstone circuits!!
        • You may disable an animal from eating food the floor (for health purposes, ofc ...) by tagging them with a afh_disable tag.

        Important Notes:
        • Only works for Adult animals which are neither currently in love nor in breeding cooldown
        • This is in no way a modification of AI behavior, it works by arbitrary entity detection with /execute selectors.
        • The pack executes it's with the new /schedule command, every 1 second. to avoid increasing lag, so lava, hoppers, etc will most probably capture the items before the animals do.
        • Only works for vanilla minecraft entities, and dropping/summoning vanilla breeding items, if you use mods that disable these entities it won't work. It also won't work for entities with different ids.
        • Cows, sheep, mooshroom will eat wheat
        • Pigs will eat either carrots, potatoes, or beetroots (in this order)
        • Chickens will eat either wheat seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds or beetroot seeds (in this order)
        • Wolves will eat raw/cooked porkchop, beef, chicken, rabbit, muton (in this order) and lastly rotten flesh (don't be mean to your wolves...)

        Future versions ideas/improvements I intend to implement
        • Starve ALL the animals!!! With which I mean I plan to add all the remaining breedable animals and their food to the mod.
        • Add the possibility for animals to break mature crops to eat when hungry (enabled/disabled by mobGriefing gamerule)
        • Either add animal thirst to this mod, or make a new mod for that which works together with this one.

        Credits and mentions
          Vazkii the mod maker, for the inspiration. In his Quark mod(https://quark.vazkii.net) one of the automation modules produces this same effect.
          But since the mod is not available beyond 1.12 (as of this date) I wasn't able to have this functionality in 1.14 thus I made this small datapack to add it.
        Progress100% complete
        Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

        2 Update Logs

        v1.2.0 : 09/14/2019 11:24:13 pmSep 14th

        Can't say I'm starving wolves ... it breaks my heart :P
        Added wolves to the concoction, and with them a new mechanic: Healing!

        Reduced distance at which animals detect their food item, from 2 blocks to 1 to avoid them eating through fences/walls/etc

        Changed once again loop method, now using new /schedule command to avoid processing on every game tick (less lag)

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