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IIWAM - If I Worked At Mojang

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avatar Thy_Creeper_King
Level 29 : Expert Creeper

IIWAM is a collection of features that are integrated well with vanilla Minecraft. Each feature is designed to feel like it belongs in Minecraft. The textures are designed to fit well, too.

Version 1.0

This focus of this update is three new ores:
Gravitite, Flarestone, and Aquamarine

Gravitite is a strong and heavy metal, it's twice as durable as diamond equipment but twice as slow. Wearing a full suit of gravitite armour gives you slowness. Gravitite is found deeper than diamond, but be careful when mining it! It's affected by gravity.

Flarestone is an ore found slightly deeper in the nether, and it burns to the touch. Mining flarestone gets you flarestone shards, and shards can be crafted in a 2x2 to make a flarestone ingot. With flarestone ingots, you can make a flarestone sword; a swift and fiery blade!

Aquamarine is an ore found in cold and frozen ocean biomes. Thalassic equipment can be crafted with aquamarine and prismarine shards. Thalassic equipment is the true equipment of Atlantis! When a full set of thalassic armour is worn, you get the dolphin's grace effect. Thalassic tools of the sea can be crafted as well, giving you the conduit effect when held!

Additional Features:

Spectral Rose
This rose is a special plant that grows on the end islands. When harvested, it teleports the player away from it, possibly throwing you off the edge...
When held, the flower grants invisibility, but it has curse of vanishing.

A throwable explosive with a much smaller explosion radius than TNT. 9 dynamite can be crafted into 1 TNT.

Charred Bones
Instead of coal and bones, wither skeletons drop charred bones. Charred bones are used in the recipe for flarestone swords.

Shell Fragments
Shell fragments have are rarely found when digging up sand. Shell fragments crafted in a 2x2 makes one nautilus shell.

Lava Glass
When sand is placed next to lava, it smelts into glass. The same happens for red sand, except it turns into red-stained glass.

Planned Updates

Version 1.1 - The First Night Update

Version 1.2 - The Exploration Update

Version 1.3 - The Nether Update Update

You are allowed to use this mod in a modpack, showcase it in a video, use it on a server, or anything like that as long as you credit me and link either this page or the CurseForge page.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

05/22/2020 2:13 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
The link takes me to curse forge but it says that it could not find the page I was looking for.
Please fix. I would like to try it out.
05/22/2020 3:10 pm
Level 29 : Expert Creeper
I know. Sadly, the mod is still being moderated on CurseForge. It should be done soon though!
05/22/2020 3:25 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Thanks! please let me know when it is finished. It looks cool.
05/22/2020 4:44 pm
Level 29 : Expert Creeper
Ok It's all good now :D
05/22/2020 3:43 pm
Level 29 : Expert Creeper
Yeah ofc
05/22/2020 5:26 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Thanks! 100 points for customer service ;-)
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