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KingCraft BETA (1.12.2 [beta0.1-0.5] ; 1.15.2 [beta0.6-x])

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avatar Kingpvz
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
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Don't forget to check Update Logs for everything new in this version. Also feel free to tell me anything you want to see in this mod, and you can be greatly awarded!

Alert 1: Use JEI or NEI for crafting recipes.

Alert 2: The mod is in early development, so it does not contain everything it should. Check file changelog for more.

New dimension: Wasteland! - Find portal shards scattered around the overworld to build the portal!

A mod which contains things that don't even exist! Everything I get on mind will be here!

New Biomes, Ores, Armor and Tools, of course!

Amber is something known. But what about amberite? Amberite is a gem made from amber and diamonds but can be also found.

What about navine? That's something better and rarer than coal and also can be used to create lantern which is stronger than torches!

Also Sancy - a great and also strong type of diamond... or steel... what to say.

New swords, armor and advancements! - Something that every mod needs.

New biome - Navarite Land. Now you may be asking - what's navarite? It's a new material which can spawn as diorite for example.

Also oily plains and death world exists - oily death lol

"Where is Navarite, there is amber." Amber, Amberite and Navine can only spawn near Navarite, so it will be useful.

And that's only navarite tab!

Much more is hiding in this mod. Such as cursed materials #cursedminecraft | Some things may not be added yet but check changelog for all the knowledge!

ENJOY! Peace \/

Made using MCreator.
CreditKingpvz, MCreator
Progress45% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

5 Update Logs

Update beta1.2 : 07/04/2020 11:12:53 amJul 4th

Just a minor update that fixes a lot!

Filled chest has been completely rebuilt and added open sound to it.

Hot iron now deals more damage.

Made cursed chicken higher chance to spawn and also made it able to have its mob spawner (For example it can spawn in dungeons)

Added aluminum (Ore/Ingot/Block), will have a usage later.

Balance changes: Amber is a bit rarer and Amberite/Carbonic Iron is less rare.
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