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Living Enchantment

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avatar Clownvin
Level 21 : Expert Modder

This mod adds living weapons, tools, and armor through the use of a new enchantment, Living! Living lets your equipment grow stronger over time, and even have their own personalities! This mod is HIGHLY configurable, with many config options to choose from (although I've designed the defaults to be as balanced for vanilla gameplay as I can)

Each enchanted item gains experience through use. There are 3 different types of ways to gain XP in this mod.
  • Mending-Style: Living items will consume some of your XP to level up, similar to how mending works.
  • Original: Living items gain XP instantly when killing a Mob or breaking a block (tools only)
  • Original with XP orbs: Similar to original, except instead of instantly adding XP, it spawns an XP orb (orb only works with living items, it is not a normal XP orb)

Each level increases the damage and effectiveness of the weapon by a set amount, 5% by default. For armor, the level of all pieces worn is added up, then the damage is divided by 1 + (0.05 * combined level). You can change a lot about the leveling process and other rates in mod config, which you can find in the mod settings or you can edit the config file in the config folder inside %appdata%/.minecraft.


So how do you obtain the enchantment in survival? By default, you can get the enchantment book or a unique enchanted item from fishing (1 in 40 default) or from any spawned chest (1 in 3 default). Villagers should also be able to sell them. Of course, if you're in creative you can just find the book in the Tools tab.


Because this enchantment is so strong (depending on how much you use the item), it is incompatible with all other damage or efficiency enchantments by default. Which is fine, you'll be able to outperform them if you put the time in. You can also enable other damage enchantments if you want, you cheeky dog. Protection is disabled by default for living armor too.

Enchantments also come with a personality. Each living item will respond to certain events in a way you might expect a person with that personality to respond! This below is a sample of Demonic speech:


As far as compatibility with items other mods, this enchantment should work with any item from any mod, as long as the item extends the ItemTool, ItemHoe, ItemSword, or ItemBow class. However, only items that extend the ItemAxe, ItemPickaxe, or ItemSpade class get increased break spreed (since in order to check if it's effective on a block, it has to be one of those types). So it's up to the authors of those mods to have properly designed that tool to be one of those types (which any good mod author should do)

There is also an Enchanter recipe for this enchantment for the EnderIO mod.

This mod also contains a few commands, if you need/want to use them:
    • additemxp - Adds xp to the item held in your main hand.
    • setitemxp - Sets the xp of the item held in your main hand.
    • setitemlevel - Sets the level of the item held in your main hand.
    • setpersonality - Sets the personality of the item held in your main hand.
    • resetitem - Resets EVERYTHING for the item (level, xp, personality, all the counts)

          This mod is a Forge mod, and requires Forge to use.

          Planned features:
            • More personalities
            • Level curve options
            • Others

          Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave em below!
          Progress100% complete
          Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

          19 Update Logs

          Update 3.0.1 : 01/24/2019 1:14:43 amtoday

          Fixes some blocks not receiving increased block break speed despite being broken with correct tool.
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          • Clownvin
          • Level 21
          • Expert Modder
          • January 21, 2019, 2:36 pm
          3.0.0 is out, and lets you create your own personalities! If you make a neat/cool one, feel free to send me the file and I'll consider adding it to the main release!

          You will also probably want to delete your config, since I've renamed a field as well as removed the whole personality section (you now change them on a per-file basis)
          • Shireen
          • Level 66
          • High Grandmaster Pokemon
          • January 18, 2019, 9:14 am
          Please, post your updated via the update logs (when you edit your mod post) instead of spamming your comments.
          • Clownvin
          • Level 21
          • Expert Modder
          • January 18, 2019, 10:52 am
          Um, I do post the update logs. I also post a comment if there's other information you should know that's not appropriate for the update logs. Or even if I just feel like posting a comment.

          It just looks odd because no one else wants to comment on this site, for whatever reason. The curseforge page is filled to the brim with comments (not literally)
          • Shireen
          • Level 66
          • High Grandmaster Pokemon
          • January 18, 2019, 1:33 pm
          I'm sorry, I scrolled down to the comments without seeing your logs. I think the reason no one is commenting is because you are the only one commenting?

          You can edit your blog to add updates, you don't need to put them in the comments sections.
          • Clownvin
          • Level 21
          • Expert Modder
          • January 18, 2019, 2:46 pm
          Haha, yea maybe. I'm not really sure how to even do this whole "blog" thing on PMC, I've only been here for like a month xD
          Why is this enchantment mod so underrated???
          • Clownvin
          • Level 21
          • Expert Modder
          • January 9, 2019, 1:42 pm
          Unsure lol! I've been waiting for living weapons for a while myself!

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