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Lots More Food [FORGED EDITION] Minecraft Mod

Lots More Food [FORGED EDITION] Minecraft Mod Lots More Food [FORGED EDITION] Minecraft Mod

Ever thought that Minecraft needed more food? Then this is your pack! This pack adds more than 200+ Foods. Use to replenish those health and hunger points. Make sure to download the resource pack too.

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+Bug Report
+Pack Previews via Discord
+More Food Wiki

How to Get The Food:


/function give:morefood/food/all1

/function give:morefood/food/all2

/function give:morefood/food/all3

/function give:morefood/food/all4

/function give:morefood/food/all5

/function give:morefood/food/all6

/function give:morefood/food/<item id>

/function give:morefood/item/all1

/function give:morefood/item/all2

/function give:morefood/item/<item id>

/function give:morefood/tools/all

/function give:morefood/tools/<item id>


Craft a custom crafting table by renaming a crafting table to "Custom Crafting Table" (must have API installed) Craft a recipe book table too see the recipes in-game, Note: that not all recipes are added to the recipe book table. Use the More Plants data pack to get veggies and fruits.

Recipe Documents (All other langs besides English have been translated using Google Translate)
  *Not all recipes are up-to-date between languages

  English (Images)
  Chinese 中文
  Japanese 日本人
  Spanish Español

Help us translate Lot's More Food!
If you speak English + another language help us translate more food so it's more available to more people! You can do this by joining our discord to let us know you want to help. You can Then download/copy the English file through GitHub that has all the needed info, easy! If you need help you can find our discord server link above

GitHub en_us.json

Suggested Packs

-Moreplants Autospawn (beta) - moreplants addon By Legopitstop

-More Plants - Adds tons more plants to Minecraft to get fruit from this pack

-MoreGold - Adds More Gold food into Minecraft By Sir_Craftypants

-MoreHoney - Adds More Honey food into Minecraft By Sir_Craftypants


Q. How to craft the food?
A. To craft the food you need to install LPS Rcore API by Legopitstop. You can find the recipes in the above links

Q. Can I install this on my server?
A. Currently, we are making a server plugin that will be advisable to all servers!

Q. What do I do if I found an issue?
A. If you found an issue the best thing you can do is submit it through our bug tracker

Q. How to get the fruits/veggies?
A. To get the fruits and veggies you need to install MorePlants data pack, You don't need the auto spawn (world generation) on to get the items. You can just use a wandering trader.

Q. Do I need the resource pack?
A. Yes, The resource pack is required for the data pack to work.

Q. How do I install Lot's More Food?
A. You can find a 1.16 video on how to install the data pack and resource pack on a singleplayer world. Minecraft Nether Update | More Food 1.16

Have a FAQ question? ask it below or in our discord server (Official Legopitstop Discord)

Other Platforms/Minecraft Editions
These are all trusted sites that Legopitstop or Sir_Craftypants have updated to.

Java Edition Downloads


Bedrock Edition Downloads

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By downloading you accept our Custom License, Consider reading before downloading.

Legopitstop & Sir_Craftypants common license:

Legopitstop & SirCraftypants common license:

⚠️ Do Not upload mod on any other website, If you want it added to your website please ask.
⚠️ Do Not claim ownership over this mod.

⚠️ Do Not host in a Public Server

⚠️ Do Not profit from this mod (may result in legal action)

✔️ Do promote this mod to others.
✔️ Do report bugs/issues with the mod.
✔️ Do credit Legopitstop & SirCraftypants.
✔️ Do use this mod in your world.
✔️ Do make awesome videos of this mod!

✔️ Do use this mod on your PRIVATE server. (Ask Devs for perm, Legopitstop Sircraftypants)
CreditLegopitstop & Sir_Craftypants
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.3

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 11/10/2020 10:57:11 pmNov 10th, 2020

Changelog 1.16.4 - 1.2.0
- Recipes!!! all recipes are added!!
-Sub Wrapper Item for sub recipes
-Temp coconut item for recipes
-Added pepper bush texture
- Fixed all data and asset errors
- Changed mod banner in mod description.

-Updated for 1.16.4 Minecraft and 35 Forge.
-Removed exotic trader, no longer needed.

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