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Metallurgy & Weaponry Reforged

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JiMv26 avatar JiMv26
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Hello :D

This is a simple Mod I've been working on for a while. The idea was to add some Science and Technology to Minecraft while keeping it as Vanillas as posible. Using as the main theme Metals and Metallurgy

Some features on this Mod are 4 new Minerals (Zinc, Titanium, Cobalt and Tungsten) that can be used to craft Weapons, Tools, Armors and of course Blocks. Each material has it's own particularity and use. Having tiers between Iron to Diamond each one. Also some alloys are added to Minecraft using both, Vanilla materials and new materials

There's also 2 new Gems added. Being Ruby and Jade. Both with it's own particularity. Can be used to craft Weapons, Tools, and Armors

Last but not less. Diamond and Iron Tools/Weapons are changed, increasing the durability of them. Keeping the Diamond as the strongest gem and the only one able to evolve to Netherite

As I said I tried to keep it as Vanilla as posible. So instead of adding a lot new stuff the idea was to play around with the current Minecraft elements and ideas

This is my second Mod. Hope you like it. Any feedback is highly appreciated

  • Copper: Most common Metal on modded Minecraft, Don''t need any presentation. Used to create weapons, Armors, Tools and alloys
  • Tin: Used to upgrade Weapons and Tools (more Features to be added in a Future)
  • Zinc: Used to make Weapons Base, Decorative Blocks. Titanium Galvanized
  • Titanium: Strong Metal used for High Durability Armors, Weapons and tools
  • Cobalt: Powerful Metal found in Nether. Can be used to create strong Armors, Weapons and tools. Used to create Runes that are better than normal Potions
  • Tungsten: The strongest metal on Earth. Can be found in Nether. It's inmune to Fire. Won't protect you against Fire/Lava
  • Iron is Stronger. Increased Durability

  • Ruby: A Beautiful Gem. Can be used to create Armors. tools. Weapons. Has a better attack speed than other minerals/weapons
  • Jade: An ancient gem, really weird. Has amaizing Magic Power. Being the one with Better Enchantability in the whole Game
  • Diamond is Stronger. Increased Durability

  • Rose Gold: With the classic qualities of Gold, but the strenght of Iron
  • Brass: Strong alloy, Having qualities similar to Gold
  • Bronze: Stronger than Iron with better enchantability
  • Steel: An Alloy made with Iron and Coal. Slighly betten than Iron. Can be used to craft Armors, Weapons and Tools
  • Titanium Galvanized: And alloy made of Titanium and Zinc. Is stronger than normal Titanium, Can be used to create Armors, Weapons and Tools

  • Daggers: The fastest weapon. Doesn't make too much damage but it's Cheap to Craft and has a really small Cooldown
  • Katana: A Fast Melee Weapon. Isn't as fast as the Daggers but are stronger. Causes more Damage than Daggers
  • Saber: Stronger than Katanas, Slighly slower
  • Battle Axe 'n' Battle Pickaxe: Can be used as Weapon and Tool at the same time
  • Battle Hammer: The Stronger weapon of all. A bit slower than the Average Sword

  • Hammers: Faster than nomar Pickaxe. Follows the Main rule of Minecraft "One block at the time"

Random Stuff
  • Cotton: Can be used to create String. Get it from Cotton Plants, Spawn in Plains
  • Cooked Bread
  • Dragon Fried Egg
  • Bags: each one gives 9 new slots of inventory. Can be dyed (Do NOT dye while contains Items)

Also adds many others small features for Vanilla Minecraft

This Mod isn't finish. I still plan to Add a lot new stuff. But keeping the main idea of Metals and Metallurgy
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by JiMv26 12/13/2021 12:02:48 pmDec 13th, 2021

Copper has been added. With that comes 3 new alloys, Rose Gold, Brass and Bronze

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