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MineFortress - Real-Time Strategy mod for Minecraft

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remmintan avatar remmintan
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Always wanted to play Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress in Minecraft? Please welcome MineFortress!
MineFortress - Real-Time Strategy mod for Minecraft Minecraft Mod MineFortress - Real-Time Strategy mod for Minecraft Minecraft Mod
What is MineFortress

It is the first real-time strategy Minecraft mod. It was made to create a world where you can have more than one Steve and control all of them with a mouse pointer.

Why MineFortress

This idea came to me a long time ago. Being a student, I used to play Minecraft and felt like something is missing. This game has a lot of cool options except one: strategy. Then I was like: why can’t I try to make it by myself? So, that`s how it is started.

Who am I

I am just a Minecraft lover! I make the mod on a potato laptop XD with just an idea to make our virtual world more comfortable, effective, and not so lonely. And thanks to my amazing Patrons I have the inspiration to make it more, better and faster.

What`s next

I have a lot of plans on how to improve the mod, here you can see my next steps of implementation. Also, I am always open to your thoughts and suggestions, so you can share them with me on our Discord Server

Currently, this mod is in a very early ALPHA stage. I am working on it every day to improve it, fix bugs and make you enjoy the game. Let`s play MineFortress together!


Installation instruction can be found here. How to play the mod you can find here.
Progress30% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

1 Update Logs

Alpha 1.1 is out. Fabric supported! Blueprints are here! : by remmintan 01/14/2022 12:51:32 pmJan 14th

What's new:
- Fabric loader support!
- Blueprints aka Prebuilt buildings aka Premade structures added!
- Shaders support!
- Compatibility with a lot of other mods
- Simple GUI where you can change selection type
- Current pawns count displayed in the GUI
- Help page
- During selection, you now can move the selection up and down not depending on selection type
- If a pawn is killed while executing some task, the task is given to another pawn
- Fixed some movement bugs
- Enhanced GUI

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12/02/2021 5:11 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Edavid2010 avatar
my shell window says: "Unable to access jarfile installer.jar"
12/03/2021 11:20 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
remmintan avatar
Hi! You have to open shell in the extracted folder. To do it:

1. Go to extracted folder. Where patch.jar and installer.jar are
2. Press shift and right click on the folder
3. Choose Open cmd window here / Open PowerShell window here
4. Then run java -jar installer.jar
12/04/2021 3:26 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Edavid2010 avatar
12/05/2021 8:40 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
remmintan avatar
Happy to hear that you liked it. I have plans to add much more fetures in the future: survival, trading, professions, massive combats and much more. You can find roadmap here: minecraftfortress.org/roadmap
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