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MineMania Rebirth

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avatar ComixsYT
Level 36 : Artisan Modder
MineMania is back!
MineMania Rebirth is the remake of my original mod and has ALOT of new content.
Before I begin about the mod, I wish to give out credit where credit is due!
Dev - ComixsYT
Dev/Textures - Legoguy/Mr. Sheep
Textures/Ideas - PurpleGuyVincent

Now onto the mod!
Many of new items are added via this mod, including but not limited to (More info will be below the list for the additions, please use NEI to check recipes.):
  • Dirt toolset - tools made from dirt like normal tools
  • Glass toolset - tools made from glass like normal tools
  • Potato toolset & armor - tools and armor made from potatoes like normal tools
  • Redstone toolset - tools made from redstone like normal tools
  • Diamondium gem, nugget, toolset and armor - more bellow
  • Holy Root item/food (from original mod) - more bellow
  • Chain-Leather armor - Leather armor + 2 molten iron
  • Molten iron - iron cooked in a furnace
  • Neatherrack toolset - tools made from netherrack like normal tools, replace the sticks with blaze rods
  • Ultimatium ore, gem, toolset, armor - more bellow
  • Iron Rod - molten iron with a stick
  • Circular Blade - a diamond shape of iron ingots
  • Circular Blade Combo - two circular blades with an iron rod
  • Grinder machine/block - more bellow
  • All ores/minerals in dust forms (including the ones added by this mod) - put an ore in the grinder; smelt dust to get ingot/gem
  • Ruby ore, gem, toolset, armor - tools and armor made from rubies like normal tools (ruby ore found underground like emeralds or diamonds)
  • Emerald toolset and armor - tools and armor made from emeralds like normal tools
  • Beetroot crop (from 1.9) including seeds, food, and crop - seeds found in chests, grow like normals crops
  • Creeper Dungeons - creepers can be found in dungeons now (Creeper dungeons have a 20 probability compared to zombies which have 200)
  • Killer Cow (from original mod) - more bellow
  • Dev entities - more bellow
    • ComixsYT
    • Legoguy110

  • Graphite blocks (found like an ore), and when mined grants 4 graphite. Graphite can be used to make a book and quill and more usage will be added later!

Info on more bellow items:

Diamondium - a mineral that is stronger than diamond, diamondium is made from multiple diamonds. 1 diamond smelted is 1 Diamondium nugget, 4 Diamondium surrounding an eye of ender will create a Diamondium gem. The gem is then used for armor, tools (only material that can break Ultimatium ore) as well as the creation of the holy root.

Holy Root - the holy root is an item that was carried over from the original mod and has seen a few changes. It is crafted with 2 diamondium and 3 sticks. When consumed, you will gain 45 seconds or speed 3, jump boost 3 and resistance 3.

Ultimatium - a VERY strong mineral, which is found underground. It is a VERY rare chance that it will be found. It can be used to make Ultimatium tools and armor.

Grinder - the grinder is a very basic machine. Crafted with a circular blade combo, it is used to grind ores/minerals into dust. Every ore will give 2 dust, every refined mineral will give 1. 1 dust in a furnace will result with 1 refined/final mineral.

Killer Cow - the killer cow is a mob that was carried over from the original mod and has seen a few changes. The mob looks like a cow without eyes, and will explode like a creeper. They do not spawn naturally, except for dungeons where they have a chance of spawning (Killer Cow dungeons have a 20 probability compared to zombies which have 200).

Dev Mobs - Currently these mobs are not obtainable in survival, only via the creative menu. They resemble the dev's skins, and more will be added as we develop them more

This mod is in early alpha, so expect bugs! If you wish to do a mod review, go ahead and do so! If you send it to use, we will feature it here! Additionally, you can use this mod in modpacks, but please tell us before doing so. If you have ANY questions, leave them here or bellow!

We are open source! Github - https://github.com/CoolComixs/MineMania-Rebirth/

Mod Reviews:
Spoiler - click to reveal
CreditMr. Sheep, PurpleGuyVincent
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

3 Update Logs

Update #3 V1.5A : 04/21/2016 9:10:49 pmApr 21st, 2016

Added Graphite

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  • treehugger10
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • April 10, 2016, 10:00 am
Did review and the one thing I want to say is work on the Ultimatium stuff. mod Review
  • ComixsYT
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Modder
  • April 10, 2016, 10:42 am
Just updated it! Sorry about the issues. The armor textures work fine for me, but I redid it anyway. The Ultimatium recipes were forgotten apparently, I don't know how we for to add them in. Hopefully this version works better! Thanks to the review!
  • treehugger10
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • April 10, 2016, 11:04 am
Happy to help
  • ComixsYT
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Modder
  • April 10, 2016, 11:08 am
Added your video to the page!

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