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Mob Detection V1.8.5

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avatar Volcan4698
Level 15 : Journeyman Dragonborn
This is a utility Datapack that gives nearby entitys an aura, and a health bar(Credit below) and the color of the Mobs Aura is there hostility status description below for details

How to Install This Datapack
Known Bugs

Aura Colors
* Red/White - Hostile
-All Enemies Will be in Red and will display them on by default

* Yellow - Agressive If Attacked
-All Mobs in Yellow can attack the player if Attacked but are passive most the time and will display them on by default

* Green - Passive
-All Mobs are Passive and will not attack the player and will display them on by default

All mob detection setting will display at either (15, 30, 50) block of the player

Increased Pick up Radius
* this pack will increase the pickup radius ranges between of the player for (Xp Orbs(6, 12, 20 blocks)),Items(3, 6, 10 blocks))

All settings above will be set to mediun setting by default

All mob detection radius is at 30 blocks
Items pickup radius is at 6 block
experience pickup radius is at 12

mob Health bar credit to the creators : Divano242622
Author: Divano242622

Here is the link to the Original Health bar:
Original Health bar Datapack By Divano242622

I did modify the colors of the health bar to match up with there hostility Aura color

Contact me:
Any Problems or issues just message me or leave a comment down in the description with a detailed explanation as to what going on i will be happy to address any problem related to this datapack
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

3 Update Logs

1.8.5 : 06/18/2019 5:08:19 amJun 18th

The requirement to turn off the setting before changing it has been resolved
Messages now apear when ever you change or turn off the settings

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