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Modern Beta for Fabric [1.16.4]

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Level 36 : Artisan Miner

A Modern Beta for Modern Minecraft!

Fabric Loader and Fabric API is required!

Modern Beta was born out of the desire to see Beta terrain in modern Minecraft, without having to sacrifice modern vanilla features or additions like the new 1.16 Nether.

This mod re-implements the Beta, Alpha, Infdev, Indev terrain generators for a nearly block-for-block perfect recreation. However, it takes a different approach from mods like Beta+ or NostalgiaGen. Instead of re-using vanilla biomes, all original Beta 1.7 biomes have been re-implemented as closely as possible, but with most modern features, decorations, and structures tacked on.

Comments, feedback, suggestions are welcome! More information can be found on the CurseForge page.


World Types:
  • Beta (Alpha 1.2 - Beta 1.7)
  • Skylands (Beta 1.6 - 1.8)
  • Alpha (1.1.2_01)
  • Infdev 20100415
  • Infdev 20100227
  • Indev 20100223

World Generation:
  • Beta cave generation. Check out 404!
  • Indev cave generation.
  • Ocean biome assignment for worlds with Beta/Vanilla biomes.
  • Most modern structures/mobs included. Monuments are replaced by the Ocean Shrine in worlds with Beta/Vanilla biomes.
  • Brick pyramid and obsidian wall generation for Infdev 20100227 world type.
  • Noise-based tree generation ported from Beta/Alpha/Infdev
  • Vanilla biome generation for Beta, Alpha, and Infdev worlds. Compatible with Fabric biome mods!

Rendering Options:
  • Clientside Beta sky colors. Enjoy those deep blue and purple skies!
  • Clientside Beta biome colors. Smooth biome color transitions, variation in tall grass coloration!
  • Clientside option to turn off sunset colors.

Other Features:
  • Serverside support, clients don't need the mod to join.

For the authentic Beta experience, try the following!
  • Soaring Clouds: Set cloud height to 108!
  • Golden Days: My recommended classic Minecraft resource pack.
  • Colormatic: For custom colors and textures used by the above resource pack.
  • Sodium: Just nice to have!
  • Custom Fog: For closer fog and that surreal atmosphere!
  • Custom Stars: Also by me, restore the classic big stars with this mod.
  • Custom Void: Also by me, restore the old blue void with this mod.
  • Custom Spawns: Also be me, restore old passive mob spawning with this mod.
  • Damage Tilt: Restore directional damage tilts.


For single-player worlds, select the Beta, Skylands, Alpha, Infdev, or Indev world types.

You can configure Modern Beta through Mod Menu (recommended) or in the config/modernbeta.json file. In-game, rendering options are available in Mod Menu, and generation options are available for each world type's respective Customize World screen. For servers, the config file should be used to set generation settings on world creation.

Rendering Options:
  • fixedSeed (default: 0): For use on servers with Modern Beta. Change to server seed to generate correct temperature/humidity noisemaps for biome/sky coloration. Change to 0 when playing single-player.
  • renderBetaSkyColor (default: true): Enable/disable client-side temperature noise-based Beta sky colors.
  • renderBetaBiomeColor (default: true): Enable/disable client-side temperature/humidity noise-based Beta grass colors.
  • renderAlphaSunset (default: true): Enable/disable client-side sunset colors added in Minecraft Beta.

Beta/Alpha/Infdev Biome Types (biomeType)
  • beta: Beta biomes.
  • sky: Sky Dimension biome.
  • classic: Alpha, Infdev biomes for their respective world type. Uses Alpha biome for Beta and Skylands world types.
  • winter: Alpha, Infdev snowy biomes for their respective world type. Uses snowy Alpha biome for Beta and Skylands world types.
  • plus: Alpha, Infdev normal + snowy biomes for their respective world type. Uses normal + snowy Alpha biomes for Beta and Skylands world types.
  • vanilla: Vanilla and modded biomes.

Beta Generation Options:
  • generateOcean (default: true): Enable/disable ocean biome assignment to bodies of water.

Indev Level Types (indevLevelType)
  • island: Island level type.
  • floating: Floating islands level type.
  • inland: Landlocked level type.

Indev Level Themes (indevLevelTheme)
  • normal: Sparse trees, normal flora, normal weather, day-night cycle, water sea.
  • hell: Sparse trees, normal flora, always clear, always midnight, lava sea
  • woods: Dense trees, normal flora, always overcast, day-night cycle, water sea
  • snowy: Sparse trees, normal flora, snowy weather, day-night cycle, water sea.
  • paradise: Sparse trees, extra flora, always clear, always noon, water sea

Indev Generation Options:
  • levelWidth (default: 256): Width of world. Should be adjusted in increments of 128, minimum 16.
  • levelLength (default: 256): Length of world. Should be adjusted in increments of 128, minimum 16.
  • levelHeight (default: 128): Height of world. Sea level is half of this value. Should be adjusted in increments of 64, minimum 16.
  • caveWidth (default: 1.0): Radius multiplier of caves.

Server Configuration

Due to Modern Beta's reliance on data packs to provide biomes and new decorative features, server owners should take care to do the following due to current bugs (MC-195468):
  • Set level-type to beta, skylands, alpha, infdev, or indev, and level-seed to your desired seed.
  • Upon world creation, stop the server.
  • Delete the world's region folder and restart the server.

      • Set level-type to beta, skylands, alpha, infdev, or indev, and level-seed to your desired seed.
      • Create a single-player world with the same world type and seed.
      • Once generated, replace the server world with the single-player world. Then restart your server.


      • Thanks to SuperCoder7979, whose work helped me understand Fabric, particularly in the area of worldgen, and for allowing me to use their GoVote and mixin code.
      • Thanks to MrBurger, Ted80, Minecrell, and SkyDeckAGoGo, whose lovely mods and data packs inspired me to create Modern Beta.
      • Thanks to Arenovas, for Indev 20100223 mappings, and ClassiCube, for documenting the Minecraft Classic generation algorithm and providing additional implementation details.
      • Thanks to Amb0s and Paulevs for their assistance in porting the Infdev 20100415 terrain generator and allowing me to reference their ports.
      • Thanks to comp500 for contributing a crash fix.
      CreditSuperCoder7979, MrBurger, Ted80, Minecrell, SkyDeckAGoGo, Arenovas, ClassiCube, Amb0s, Paulevs, comp500
      Progress95% complete
      Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.4

      1 Update Logs

      Modern Beta v1.0.0 : 11/21/2020 3:55:21 pmNov 21st

      * Release v1.0.0!
      * Added Infdev 20100227 world type
      * All infinite world types all now share the same selection of biome types (Beta, Sky Dim, Classic [​uses Alpha biomes for Beta/Skylands world types], Winter Mode, Classic + Winter [​formerly Plus], and Vanilla/Modded)
      * Rewrote biome providers, chunk generators for (hopefully) easier maintenance. Rewrote configuration system for easier user configuration. SEE BELOW!
      * This update breaks worlds (again, sorry) made before this. To update an older world for this version, do the following:
      • Make a back-up of your current world, just in case!
      • Create a brand new world with the same seed, world type, and generation settings.
      • Copy the new world's level.dat and replace your existing world's level.dat file with it.
      * Due to the configuration update, you will have to delete your existing modernbeta.json under /.minecraft/config so it can be recreated with the updated settings, otherwise you will probably experience a crash on start-up.
      * World configuration options (biomeType, indevLevelType, indevLevelTheme) now use strings for more clarity. If you wish to generate a world for a server, for example, set 'level-type' in server.properties to your world type (beta, alpha, infdev, infdev-old) and set 'biomeType' to your desired biome type (beta, sky, classic, winter, plus, or vanilla).
      * Beta biome type water colors reverted to vanilla colorations.
      * Updated data pack.

      11/09/2020 6:38 amhistory
      Level 31 : Artisan Fox
      Place in List of authentic beta experience the mod Damage Tilt: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/damage-tilt
      11/09/2020 12:29 pm
      Level 36 : Artisan Miner
      Thanks, added.
      11/09/2020 1:07 pm
      Level 31 : Artisan Fox
      Extremely Thanks
      11/08/2020 4:30 pm
      Level 34 : Artisan Button Pusher
      waiting for an idiot to ask for a forge port
      11/08/2020 5:20 pm
      Level 36 : Artisan Miner
      That's not an unfair thing to ask, imo. But I can say a Forge port is probably not going to happen.
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