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More Enderpearls Mod v1.8 for Minecraft 1.6.4 Forge

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Beardielover avatar Beardielover
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
No longer being worked on, click here for more info
This mod is officially not being worked on. However, a sort of successor is being made. I say sort of because only the very base of this mod is being used, with the namesake of this mod(the new enderpearls) actually being removed from the successor in favor of something a bit more interesting.

More Enderpearls is a pretty basic idea, and in my opinion should have stayed that way. However, I made this mod have a new biome and new mobs. The mobs were quite glitchy and strange, and the biome was completely empty and useless(Not to mention the mobs weren't even unique to the biome -.-). I think I should return this mod to it's roots. If the community expresses that wish too, I will return this mod to just adding more enderpearls, without all those glitchy mobs or empty biomes. With that little stuff in it, I could even update this mod to 1.7.10 or even 1.8+ in a very short time. Of course, if you all want the 1.6.4 version to keep the glitchy mobs and biomes I'm fine with that too, they would be removed for the 1.7.10+ version though.

Now, about the "succcessor". What to expect from it? It differs completely from this, the only thing being ported are the mobs, and a couple of the old blocks. Nope, the successor won't have new enderpearls. I'm not going to spoil what will be in place of that, nor will I spoil much else about it either. All I will say right now is that it will have background story that is discovered in the game, plenty of structures to explore and bosses to defeat, and an OST to go along with it. The other features are just too good to spoil, so keep an eye out for it. The latest date it will be released is Christmas, hopefully sooner though.

What about the Ranger's Apprentice mod????
I still do have to finish the update of the Ranger's Apprentice mod. So going into complete working mode of the successor of this mod will be as soon as I finish the Ranger's Apprentice update, which I am slacking heavily on due to low morale because of my family moving. Once we get moved, however, I should move faster. The reason I have low morale while working on the Ranger's Apprentice mod is the moving combined with the fact that because all my new ideas for other mods make it not very fun to work on at the moment. For this successor isn't the only Idea I have been working on as of late, the other project I will not reveal anything about, it's just so exciting that I must wait so you can have the full effect once it is released. With the busyness of moving, I don't have much time to work on mods so it's not like I fully neglect the Ranger's Apprentice mod in favor of these new ideas. I probably have about 3-5 free hours to code a day on most days due to moving. It will come eventually, but probably not until I have more time + morale.

Well, it probably sounds to you like I already got a lot of work done on the successor right? It sounds like I truly am neglecting the Ranger's Apprentice mod completely. You don't believe me do you... Well it is true. I have gotten quite a bit of work done on the successor. But that is because a good friend of mine decided to join me. He's not very advanced in programming yet, but he can easily do all of the small stuff for me like blocks and textures. While I have spent some of my time doing some of harder things, like world generation, all the smaller stuff being done for me really speeds up the process too. So far I have only spent about 12-15 hours of free time on it, and that's also because I had a few days which were mostly clear from being busy. However, it is true that working on the Ranger's Apprentice mod has been taking up the smallest part of my 3-5 hours that i have on most days. I have been thinking that I should just set aside a day so that I can just be done with the update and not have to worry about it again, and get working on the successor to this and the other shiny project that I will not reveal until it's release.

Does that mean once I finish this RA update I will just completely stop it? For this year at least, yes. My other ideas are 100% more fun to work on especially now that I am older. So for a while you will probably not see content updates to the RA mod except for UI enhancements from time to time. It will probably be updated to a later version sometime as well. That could be this year, possibly. Who knows. I won't drop support of the mod though, and will continue to make bug fixes for any that you find in the RA mod of course.

Hello, this is another mod by Beardielover99!

Love Enderpearls? Wish they didn't hurt you? Wish they had more functions? Want more fun and throwable teleportation items? Well this is the mod for you!

Why I WON'T update to 1.7
Changed- Read spoiler at top of page.

Update 2.0 Coming soon:
First, I would like to show you all a screenshot! This is only one part of it, huge updates to the biome and even MORE enderpearls!!!

Ignore the lvl 21 Ranger, thats my Ranger's Apprentice mod.
Heres a incomplete list of what to expect from 2.0(Will be released... in a few months):
-Ender Biomes are being made awesome! (Ender Grass, Bushes, and Trees, Ender Forts!), and Ender Forests!!!
-Ender Arrows are used instead for ender bows!
-Ender Quivers, for choosing which arrow to use(Will hold up to 4 stacks of arrows!
-2 New Creepy Ender mobs! You just wait.....
-Ender Chickens harder to fight than before, but must be killed for their feathers to make ender arrows.
-Ender pearl animations(If that particular one has any) shown in inventory
-You can now look around while riding a travel pearl
-Possibly a mob that is similar to witch except throws ender pearls and has ender sword! He will lbe a boss, and will drop great items, but will reside in an Ender Castle

What this mod has in it:
-Deadly Ender Pearls: Kills almost everything they touch

-Explosive Ender Pearls: Creates an explosion were the enderpearl lands(explosion doesn't damage you)

-Harmless Ender Pearls: Doesn't hurt you when teleporting

-Swap Ender Pearls: Switches Position with enemies

-Travel Pearls: You travel with the pearl!

-Time Pearl: Travel through Time!

-Dimensional Pearl: An easy way to get to the end and back!

-Ender Skeletons: Teleport around and shoot you, drop enderpearls and arrows.

-Ender Chickens: Ever play zelda and attack cucoos?

-Ender Creeper: Have fun with this loveable guy <3

-Any Enderpearl can be harmless by adding a feather!

-And much much much more!

Got ideas for more enderpearls? Or more endermobs? Post them in the comments! I will probably make them if its a good idea and not overpowerded!

Terms of use:
I am the owner of this mod. You are not allowed to profit in this mod in any way. You may not reupload this mod. You may not have a link that leads to this page or the mods download that allows you to profit.(I.E. Through the use of adf.ly) You may, however, have this mod in a modpack as long as you are not profiting from it. If you do use this mod in a modpack, the page of the modpack MUST have a link to this page. Also you may do videos with this mod in it as long as you have a link to this page that does not cause you to profit.


Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.6.4

11 Update Logs

Update 1.8 : 06/01/2014 8:44:40 pmJun 1st, 2014

-Thrown Enderpearls now render like their items
Bug Fixes:
MEP#11: Fixed server-side explosion from explosive ender pearl that glitched the blocks

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06/26/2016 2:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AMDG12340 avatar
When will the 1.7.10 forge version for this mod come out?
06/27/2016 7:32 pm
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
Beardielover avatar
Click the "No longer working on, click here for more info" button. It gives info on the successor of this mod and it's release date. Also, it explains that I will update it to 1.7.10 if the community expresses the wish to, since I'm making a successor updating this mod is obsolete. So if some more people want this updated to 1.7.10, then I will. But do remember that having to update this to 1.7.10 will take time away from working on the much better successor, which will be released for 1.7.10
02/20/2015 3:16 am
Level 26 : Expert Lumberjack
Areo avatar
Add more features: New ender sword texture, variations of the sword, ender armor makes you take damage if you are in water or in the rain while wearing it. Maybe also add ender water that makes it so you get pulled underwater, and drown, while swimming in it without the ender armor. Maybe also have it so if you are wearing ender armor, you should heal while in ender water.
02/20/2015 3:37 pm
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
Beardielover avatar
I already made ender swords much cooler in the unreleased update.
02/20/2015 4:59 pm
Level 26 : Expert Lumberjack
Areo avatar
Still, the rest... XD
02/16/2015 10:41 am
Level 1 : New Network
LionHeart_X avatar
Oh i am really sorry for bothering you but i have just one more question:-

*I am using the more enchantments mod with your mod because of the enchantment "Homing"
Now what the enchantment does is it removes gravity from a bow to make it a straight shot, I tried using this enchantment with your ender bows but it does not seem to remove thre gravity from the bows. . .

* My suggestion would be to either try fix it(If you want to) or maybe you can add a seperate bow that removes gravity(If you want to do that) or you can add your own enchantment. . .

Thank you for reading this
02/16/2015 6:37 pm
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
Beardielover avatar
It's because the mod only works for normal bows. Thought of something, though. I will make it so that if you craft a certain item with any enderpearl it makes it straight. Will work with ender arrows too of course!

Now... got any ideas of what the straight Item should be?
08/17/2014 8:42 pm
Level 26 : Expert Lumberjack
Areo avatar
Maybe the ender thrower: shoots pearls at you. Only spawns on the end and in the ender biome
08/18/2014 10:05 am
Level 80 : Elite Programmer
Beardielover avatar
I was thinking more like Eye of Ender Mob, its this creepy creature that has an eye of ender face and if you look at it you start taking damage
07/05/2014 11:23 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Shadelight avatar
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeee update it to 1.7.2 i gave you a diamond but update it please good mod !
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