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Nether's Cruelty

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Sweetygamer2 avatar Sweetygamer2
Level 22 : Expert Modder
Nether's Cruelty is a small addon to Nether's Exotism, adding a new food to the mod :)

The only change added by this mod is a new food, the Moloch Steak, looted by 2 out of 3 Molochs (the mob added by Nether's Exoticism).
This new item will give you a lot of saturation and food, as well as giving you a short effect of fire resistance and haste.

Nether's Cruelty Minecraft Mod

The food won't burn in lava, so you won't lose any loot when the Moloch is swimming in the Nether

V1.0.2 Update :

Nether's Cruelty Minecraft Mod
Nether's Exoticism's Moloch Eggs can now be cooked to get a Cooked Moloch Egg, giving you a Haste effect.
The Moloch Stew can be crafted with Moloch Meat and Pitaya, it'll give you a longer Wither Resistance effect, as well as Fire Resistance and Haste

This mod is mainly a joke between me and Furti_Two, being the modded equivalent of cooking an axolotl, the goal was to make hunting the cute mod animal worth it

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Sweetygamer2 10/11/2022 2:40:19 pmOct 11th

- Added Moloch Stew & Cooked Moloch Egg
- Revamped effects and duration

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09/27/2022 8:05 am
Level 39 : Artisan uwu
AxolotlArmyPlayz avatar
this is really cool!
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