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Nikt's Cookies and Cakes

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Nikt_Wazny avatar Nikt_Wazny
Level 4 : Apprentice System
The mod accually is for 1.18.2 but i can't enter it

So about the mod:

Nikt's Cookies and Cakes (or Nikt's C&C) adds custom new cookies and (soon) cakes for players to make for themselves

Right now (on the 2nd version) Comes with 3 main features

-Cookie with cocoa
-Chocolate cookie
-Cookie with sprinkles


-Carrot Cookie

when the cookie is unfinished it can be a raw cookie or just a cooked cookie
all of the cookies have different nutritional values

NEW!! Cookie Maker Table

Here's how to make cookies with the table-

Step 1- Craft a Cookie Maker Table

Step 2- Craft a Raw Cookie

Step 3- Cook the Raw Cookie

Step 4- Put the Cookie into the cookie slot

Step 5- Add the ingredient

Step 6- Enjoy your new cookie!

Advanced Chocolate
-Raw Chocolate
-Chocolate paper
-Chocolate tab

I hope there is not so many bugs i want to fix all or most of them before adding content but if you have suggestions or ideas GIVE ME THEM i would love to hear what do you want in here! I might even credit you for some ideas if they are original!

We have A DISCORD NOW (check my acc)

Make sure to see some of my other mods!
-Nikt's Redstone
Progress15% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

1 Update Logs

Update 0.2 : by Nikt_Wazny 11/02/2022 3:45:42 pmNov 2nd, 2022

-Added a carrot cookie
-Added the cookie maker table with the recipe

-Added advancements informing that the mod is loaded
-Tweaked texture of chocolate tab
-Changed name from Chocolate to Chocolate Tab
-Changed and added some tags
-Increased stack size for Raw Chocolate to 64
-Changed the main image to a cookie

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