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Pillager Scarer 100

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Krazyman999 avatar Krazyman999
Level 31 : Artisan Engineer
Created on Minecraft version 1.14.1.

Warning... I've had the clock circuit lock up twice on loading the game, easy to restart. But will leave you open to Pillager attack, I'm new to making clock circuits. I need to alter it, to a one that is 100% unfreeze-able.

I made a nice little electronics mod, but it isn't perfect. It can freeze up on loading it, when outside of its range, a much better and 100% working way is a Data Pack that I am using.

Pillager Tools by Vanilla Tweaks... its an outside of Planet Minecraft Data Pack, so I wont post its link. So you'll need to do a search, if you want it.
It's nice being able to make a walled settlement again, that me and my Villagers are safe in...

Version 1.14.1 is great, 99% of the time. But the Pillagers are broken, going on a rampage. Opening doors and 1 hitting your favourite villagers, the Vindicator being the worst offender, with his axe wielding antics.

Doors don't stop Pillagers
Light levels don't stop Pillagers
Walls don't stop Pillagers
Sweetberry plants don't stop Pillagers, as their AI stops them walking on it.
After 5 days, they will just keep spawning in your base. Until its devoid of any villagers.

You kill the banner weilding Pillager, and you get a 2 days and nights fight to kill the multiple raids. I ran out of arrows and food, in my walled and fully lit village. I had just gotten the wall up, and area lit when they immediately spawned in the village and began slaughtering my villagers.


Minecraft version 1.15.2 users... players, can just use a command instead. That was added in version 1.15.2.

Stopping Illager random patrols ( v1.15.2 or greater )

In version 1.14 they added random patrols, that can spawn anywhere, light, dark, slabs, stairs, glass.
They break the game, spawning in walled bases, opening doors and 1 shotting all the villagers.

To stop the random patrols...... /GameRule doPatrolSpawning False
To start the random patrols..... /GameRule doPatrolSpawning True


The new levelling mechanic of villagers, means that it takes a long time to get them to give you their best trades. Pillagers then come in, and the over powered Vindicator just chops them dead with 1 hit.

I got sick, after losing my best trades and villagers in 1 minute. So I learned to make command codes and structure blocks to house the gadget.


What does it do...
It sends out a command, in a 100 block radius ( can be altered to any size ). To teleport all Pillagers, Ravagers and axe wielding Vindicators, to y-1000. Into the void.

This is my first Structure block I have posted, its a fortified village house with electronics inside. That will fit in with the decor of grassy biomes.


Installation... See read me, in zip file

Uses Structure blocks, very easy to do. Just drag and drop into your save game folder.
Then go into creative mode, in game.

Give yourself a structure block... /give @p structure_block
bury it at the back of a 11 x 11 area, flush with the ground. Bottom right, back corner.
Click on the block,
Click on button to say Load, this changes the block to a load block.
Click on bottom right load button, to load the preview outline, exit out and check it out.
if happy, then click bottom right load again to place. I will be running already and good to go.

Name = pillagerscarer100
Bottom left load block = saying Load
Bottom right load block, click first time to show outline of building when you exit
Click second time to paste it.

When finished, just delete the structure block...

I recommend flying around, outside your base walls. In creative mode, making sure the Pillagers, Vindicators and Ravagers immediately teleport away. By using spawn eggs, but only if you have full, at least 3 high walls to protect your village, of course. Along with garden gates, for the entrances. As Pillagers can open doors...

CreditI got the idea for this from a very short comment by Foxxie, to someone else. No data, no schematics or anything else. Just a vague comment that says he made a command block and sent the Pillagers to the Void.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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05/17/2019 8:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jacksonw714 avatar
how can i play it?
05/17/2019 10:58 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Engineer
Krazyman999 avatar
It's a structure block, a minecraft block that imports buildings, animals, villagers, etc.

The building has some stuff in, that teleports away the nasty Pillagers, Axe wielding Vindicators and the Giant Bulls called Ravagers. That are part the V1.14 update.
Unfortunately, the new stuff is way overpowered. Teleporting into your base, and slaughtering everything. Even with a base with 5 Iron Golems, by the time they had gotten to them. 1 third of my Villagers were dead, and a 2 days and nights siege began. With me running out of arrows and food, on my freshly set up village.

On day 5, they start teleporting daily into your base. Bypassing walls, Sweetberry bushes and with no lighting restrictions. Until v1.14.2, they even opened doors...
Killing them yourself, just starts an even bigger fight. 5 of them for me, lasting 2 days and nights. They stop you playing the game, you go mining, and everyone dies.

Make sure it's running, each time you start the game. If you are near your base, if you have a problem. Switch to PEACEFUL MODE, until you fix it.

Installation is pretty simple.
1. Download file
2. Make sure you have a save game, if not. Then start a game and quit it.
This mod is to add a protection building to villages, or bases that you place manually in Creative Mode.

3. Find your save game folder, and drag and drop the whole folder called GENERATED into it.

Hit START button on keyboard, or bottom left on screen.
Search %appdata%
Click roaming
Click .minecraft
Click save game folder
Open zip file, and drag and drop, GENERATED folder into save game folder.

4. Start your game, go into CREATIVE MODE. Empty your inventory into a chest first, if you are new to it.
/gamemode creative
/gamemode survival ( to go back to survival mode )

5. Give yourself a STRUCTURE BLOCK, with the command.
/give structure_block

6. Mark out where you want it, its 11 x 11 in size. Then place the block in the back, right corner. Flush with the ground.
7. Open the block, by right clicking on it.
Add the name Name = pillagerscarer100, and press the LOAD BUTTON once to preview it, exit out and check its position, press again to load it.

8. Check the inside the building, make sure the circuit is flashing. Do this whenever you start your game, to make sure its running.
Flashing = Running
Solid red only = Stuck... break redstone dust, replace and quickly crank the lever on/off once to start.
Dark red = Not on... quickly crank lever on/off once to start machine.

9. Delete the Structure block, and make sure your base is less than 100 block in size. If its more, then you can change the distance=...100 to any number, on the 3 Command blocks, in the building, in Creative Mode.

10. Check out the full instruction in the .zip read me text file.

You will get messages, when it teleports stuff away. Press / to read them, if you want to.
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