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Crimson_Fluff avatar Crimson_Fluff
Level 52 : Grandmaster Scribe
So this mod was made for my upcoming mod pack Planet Sand

It contains some features you may want for your own modpacks:

Infinite Fluids
Enable/Disable making of fluid source blocks
Enable/Disable making Lava source blocks for infinite lava. Like you do with water
Enable/Disable making Water source blocks. No more infinite water sources

Mob/Animal Spawns
Enable/Disable mob spawns. Including Animal, Water Animal, Mob, Villagers and Bats
Breeding, Spawn Eggs and Spawners still work

Wandering Traders
Enable/Disable Wandering Traders and their Llamas

Increase exhaustion while in a hot biome, such as a Desert
Increase exhaustion while in a Nether biome
Note: Temperature of the biomes should be 2 or more: Biomes Wiki

Tiny Coal/Charcoal
Added Tiny Coal, Tiny Charcoal and Charcoal Block items

Golden Steak
Infinite steak, is never consumed when eaten. Has a cooldown

Full Moon
Enable/Disable sleeping in beds
Enable/Disable teleporting from the Overworld
Enable/Disable rapid increase in mob spawns
Note: Full moons only affect the Overworld

Enable/Disable if Ender Dragon will always drop an egg when killed
Enable/Disable if all Ender Dragons drop same amount of xp
Note: The first dragon killed will always drop an egg, such is vanilla
First dragon drops 12,000xp, the rest drop 500xp. All will now drop 12,000xp

Cooked Apple
Yes. Cooked apples

Plant Meal
Bone meal also for plants and sugar cane

Mineshaft Compass
A compass to find mineshafts
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 04/03/2021 2:08:03 pmApr 3rd

Added Force_Full_Moon command, forwards time to the next full moon
Added Force_Kill_Spawns command, kills all mobs spawned from a full moon event, does not stop the event
Better spawn timer
Added Cooked Apples
Added Plant Meal, acts as bone meal but also for plants and sugar cane
Added Mineshaft Compass to find mineshafts
Implemented kill mobs at dawn, mobs may persist if the weather is raining after dawn (because its dark!)

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