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PlayTics Furniture Mod

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PlayTics Furniture Mod Minecraft Mod
PlayTics Furniture Mod Minecraft ModPlayTics Furniture Mod Minecraft Mod

📖 About:
The Furniture Mod is a Mod developed by PlayTics. This Mod adds new furniture and food.
The Furniture Mod is perfect for creativ and survival. With unique recipes you can make unique blocks.
Therefore every block and element has a special function. These functions make it easier for you to store items
and blocks or the preparation of raw meat and fish.
But they also give you light in the darkness. So what are you waiting for?
Discover the furniture mod for yourself and explore the different blocks and items

Thank you for the beautiful time in which I could develop the mod. The mod is exactly 1 year old from today the 11.08.2021.
I am glad that this project has lasted so long. Unfortunately, I will slowly stop the development of the mod.
But I will start after the update (v.2.0) to actively develop my new already existing Furniture Mod (Deco Mod).
I will fix more bugs from the mod if I can, as well as (if possible) update the mod to Minecraft Forge 1.17

Every addon should not replace the PT Furniture Mod file. A world loaded with the Furniture Mod should not be without the
PT Furniture Mod jar. file to be loaded. An Add-on is just an additional mod for additional content.
Not the Furniture Mod itself

I will publish addons for PlayTics Furniture Mod. Every Add-on can be used as a stand alone version (a own mod)

The first Add-on will be the Easter-Add-on (publishing on 4-5th of april

⏫ Updates and News:

Version 1.9 will have the theme outdoor. This adds new stones, mailbox, bells and other things ...
    • The Next Update is expected to be September. This will all be added:
    • Mailboxes
    • New Variants of crates and garbage cans
    • Bells (Oak, Birch, Spruce,...)
    • The hitbox of the light chain is now walkable
    • (I'm also working on a new way to charge the stove).
    • and some other stuff will be added
⚠ Issues:
If you have an issue pleas report them on the Issue-Page of this ModProject here on CurseForge. You can find the Page above this text next to the File and Images.

A big thank to:
    • SrLoboAlbino: reported issues with a recipe and game crashes
    • Furious1964: reportet an issue (day-time counter reset after a day)

Development progress:
The date of the update has changed again :/ I am human too and I have hobbies too. I like to play games on PC like "Rust".
I'm on YouTube too, and I'm trying to be at least a little successful there
So, that's why I totally neglected my mod. I'm also working on other mods that I want to release soon. (at least in the alpha phase or beta version).

I want to apologize :(

The new date is August to September. I also hat issues i tryed a long time to resolve but i didnt. So, mailboxes now working
correctly. Only the Mailbox owner is able to see inside. But i dont know how i will do that with breaking a mailbox...
Should be everyone be able to break a mailbox or only the owner. What happening with the stuff inside, if one is breaking. Disappears or will it be
dropped at the ground.

Write your oppinion into the comments. This would be very helpfull 😉

⏸Updates and Version 2.0:


If you want to use my mod in a mod pack, you can do so if you link the mod in your description of the mod pack

CreditAll Models and Textures and other Stuff by PlayTics. All Right Reserved
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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09/19/2021 12:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Enok1_ avatar
I know this might be a lot to ask, but can you possibly make a Fabric 1.16.5 version? If you don't want to that is perfectly fine, no pressure :)
08/22/2021 4:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Santhosh12345 avatar
Wow nice mod I really love it can you please update it to Minecraft version 1.17.1 I you can but thanks for the mod
09/10/2021 12:07 am
Level 12 : Journeyman System
PlayTics avatar
I will try ;-)
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