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Portal 2.5: The Cubes

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avatar kalandor
Level 18 : Journeyman Explorer
This data pack features a portal gun, a cube/companion cube, 2 gels/water, an emancipation grid system, and more.
This map is made for 1.14.3.

If you are not in creative the emancipation grid will clear your items and give you the proper testing items. In addition, it destroys any entities that get close to it.
The equipment is a jumpsuit, the long fall boots, the portal gun, the cube pickup, and 2 portal changers.
The portal gun works by putting it in your first slot and then putting the right colored portal in your offhand. Wait until the first arrow land before you shoot the second because it breaks the system. If you want to clear the portals and the arrows, you need to put the portal gun in your offhand.
The cube pickup works in a way that if its somewhere in your inventory, all of are pushable and can push buttons. If it's in your 9ht slot, every cube can be used as a solid block to jump on (it gives you jump boots if you stand in it). And if it's in your offhand it turns every cube into item form so you can carry it.
The gels do what they are supposed to work.
you can spawn cubes and emancipation grids out of eggs, and you can spawn cube, portal and gel spawners from command blocks.
You can spawn cubes, portals, and gels by pressing a button on a command block.
And some other functionalities.
There is also an included map for testing porpuses (pictures).
I hope everyone can figure it out.

Tutorial and update videos can be found on my youtube channel:


place the map in the saves folder or the data pack in the datapacks folder
run the "/function portal:misc/reload" command

Have fun.

I redid the whole project because it might get to more people now that it 's categorized as a data pack and not a map.
CreditA lot of textures from Admin131 s' ApetureCraft vanilla map, 1-2 textures from the PreciselyPortal 7 resource pack, portalgun modell by xXxFrostFirexXx
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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