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Progamezia's More Totems Mod

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progamezia avatar progamezia
Level 20 : Expert Cupcake
So,I decided to make a mod adding new totems,Its not insanely OP like you see in those minecraft but videos btw.Heres all the totems

1 : Strong Totem Of Undying

Standard totem of undying,but gives some better effects,thats literally it.

2 : Lightning Totem Of Undying

Summons Lightning on every entity in a 4 block radius of you,it doesnt strike you though.

3 : Debuff Totem Of Undying

Gives every entity in a 4 block radius of you some bad effects.Doesnt affect you.

4 : Teleport Totem Of Undying

This is really good if you wanna escape quickly.When you use this totem,it'll teleport you a few blocks away from where you were.

5 : Ultra Lightning Totem of Undying

Just the lightning totem but more powerful.Cant be accessed in survival.Its just there for fun.(Please do not test this in mc if you have a very bad pc,it summons about 10 lightning at each nearby entity,at the same time)

6 : Cobweb Totem Of Undying

When you use this totem,It will put entities in a 4 block radius around you in a cobweb

7 : Defender Totem Of Undying

Probably my most favourite one on the list,not just because of the texture.It summons 3 mobs which can attack players and some other mobs.RNG choses its armor and weapon.I sure hope they dont go after you.

You can find the crafting recipes for these totems in the image gallery.

How to download and play :

1 : click on the download button and install the mod

2 : copy the .jar file you just downloaded

3 : go to your .minecraft folder.Go to the mods folder

4 : paste the .jar file in the mods folder of minecraft

5 : open minecraft 1.17.1 with forge

6 : Create a new world and enjoy!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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04/05/2022 7:58 am
Level 20 : Expert Cupcake
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If you find any bugs or you just wanna suggest new stuff,Please comment about it.
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