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Quarry datapack [1.14+]

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avatar TFguy
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Quarry datapack [1.14+]

This datapack introduces a quarry system that can be built with pure vanilla gameplay. It is intended for lategame, when looking for ores becomes tedious and you don't want to spend hours of your time digging through the various types of stone blocks.

The datapack contains:
  • 6 advancements
  • 1 custom recipe
  • 17 functions
Disclaimer 1: This datapack has been developed for single player and has NOT been tested in multiplayer. It might work but I can't promise anything.
Disclaimer 2:
I'm aware there are a couple bugs with the datapack. Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments :)

  • Automatically dig down to y = 6 over time.
  • Defaults to 5x5 quarry size, 10 seconds per layer. Can be upgraded to 11x11 quarry size, 2.5 seconds per layer.
  • Loot collection.
  • Multiple quarries simultaneously. Creating quarries that are too close together might lead to unexpected behaviour (Hopefully will be fixed soon, when I have the time).
  • Handy functions for the lazy players!

How to get started

  1. Collect the materials to craft a Fox Spawn Egg (See recipe below).
  2. Place a coal block on the ground. This will act as the fuel and the center of the quarry.
  3. Drop the Fox egg on top of the coal block. The coal block will turn into stone and the quarry will start.
  4. A stone slab should appear on top of the former coal block. This will be where all the mined blocks will appear. It is possible to fit a hopper and a chest/barrel to collect the blocks - up to you!
  5. Pick up your spawn egg! We don't want to craft another one :)

Crafting recipe

Upgrading your quarries

It is possible to unlock permanent upgrades for future quarries. The process to upgrade the quarries is exactly the same as the process to start a quarry, but the block used as "fuel" determines the type of upgrade. By default, the quarries start mining a 5x5 area, at a speed of 1 layer every 10 seconds.

  • In order to increase the speed of the quarry, you must drop the egg on top of an emerald block. Each upgrade halves the time needed to mine one layer, up to 2.5 seconds per layer (2 upgrades).
  • In order to increase the size of the quarry, you must drop the egg on top of a diamond block. Each upgrade increases the size of the quarry by 2 blocks, up to 11x11 blocks (3 upgrades).
  • In order to delete all the common blocks (stone, dirt, gravel, ...) you can drop the egg on top of a chorus fruit.
  • In order to automatically add cobblestone walls to the quarry, you can drop the egg on top of a magma block.
Summary of upgrades

Handy commands and functions

Installing the datapack

  1. Download the data pack from the links provided.
  2. Open Minecraft.
  3. Select the world you want to install the data pack for, click on “Edit”, then “Open world folder”.
  4. Open the folder named datapacks and put the data pack into it.
  5. Type /reload if you are in the world during the installation.
  6. If the data pack has a correct format, it would be enabled in the world.
If the datapack is not working
Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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  • iBnjm
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 14, 2019, 8:49 pm
can i edit it so it can pick up stone?
  • TFguy
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragonborn
  • May 14, 2019, 11:37 pm
Of course! Open the file data/qdp/functions/quarry/item_filter.mcfunction and delete the lines you need.
  • CFson
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 6, 2019, 3:56 pm
After dropping the egg the coal transformed but the quarry didnt start even after runing both of the commands. After running /execute as @e[tag=Quarry_anchor] run say "Anchor exists" for the second time there still was no output.
  • TFguy
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragonborn
  • May 8, 2019, 10:47 am
Could you try to execute /function qdp:load close to 0, 0? I suspect the chunk being unloaded might be preventing the anchor armor stand from spawning.
  • JSUM1086
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • May 5, 2019, 8:14 pm
Hello, I've dropped the egg on top of the coal block and the stone block and stone slab have appeared but the quarry isnt starting up?
  • TFguy
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragonborn
  • May 8, 2019, 10:33 am
Unfortunately I haven't been able to replicate the situation. Are you above y=6? If the slab appears my quarries start consistently even on new worlds. If the problem still persists, try running the command /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar quarry_timer. Please report if there are at least two timers counting upwards; Otherwise send me a private message with your world save (if possible).
Cool gave a diamond
  • TFguy
  • Level 18
  • Journeyman Dragonborn
  • May 3, 2019, 12:07 pm
Thank you! :)

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