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This is an Excel spreadsheet that will generate a list of random chest chest contents for Kamyu's "Populate Chests" tool. This will allow you to generate a list in .txt format of all Minecraft items that can be found in chests on an adventure plus random enchanted items with different enchantments and combinations of enchantments every time you run it. The spreadsheet can then be saved out from Excel as a .txt file, run through a word processor to change the TAB characters into spaces and then the Populate Chests tool can use it to randomly populate all empty chests in a world with various goodies. How enchanting! :-)

There are no macros in this spreeadsheet and you are very welcome to scan for viruses - you won't find any. I don't know if PMC would appreciate me linking to a Minecraft Forums page so just do a search for "Populate Chests" and you'll find it as one of several mods Kamyu offers in the same thread. Please note that although it is compatibile with versions of MC higher than 1.2.5 it won't give any new potions or enchantments introduced since then.

The instructions in full:

"Welcome to Helen269's item list generator for use with Kamyu's excellent "Populate Chests" tool for Minecraft.

This spreadsheet will generate a list of items and randomly enchanted items each time you open it or change and update any cell. There are 4 sheets:

All items
This will generate a list of all Minecraft items that might be found in a chest while adventuring, including potions (rare) and enchated items (very rare).

Wizard's chests
This is for chests found in places belonging to Wizards, Alchemists and general magic-using type persons and contains only items that they would typically use, need and make. Potions and enchated items are more common.

Common items only
This contain only common items that the average person and ordinary house might have. There is no gold, diamond, nether items or magic stuff. This list only needs to be generated once as there are no items with variable enchantments.

Food only
For when you want to stock a kitchen area. Like the common items list, this only needsto be generated once.

To generate a list simply open the spreadsheet. The enchanted items are randomly generated each time a sheet is opened or a cell is updated.

1 - Save the sheet you want as a .txt file (TAB delimited). In Excel 2003 you will then need to click Ok and Yes to the two dialogue boxes that appear. I don't know if the same boxes come up on other versions.

2 - Once you have a txt file you'll have to open it in a word processor and use the Find/Replace function to swap out the TAB charcaters for spaces. When Excel saves a spreadsheet as a txt file it uses the TAB character to seperate the content that was in seperate cells.

In Word 2003's Find/Replace box click on "More" then "Special" to bring up the list of special characters. Click on TAB to put that into the Find box and in the Replace box type a single space. Click on Replace All and it should report that it has replaced several thousand instances.

3 - Save the txt file in its new form.

4 - Finally, paste the .txt file into the Populate Chests folder, run the program and choose your new file. Easy! :-)

Except for the Common only and Food only lists which never change, I recommend you generate a new list for each location or you'll get the same items with the same enchantments again and again. Enchanted items on the All items sheet are so rare that repetition is unlikely, but still possible.

Column D in each sheet is the chances per 100 of getting that item. Double chests are treated as two single chests so if an item has a 10% chance of appearing in a single chest then for a double chest that item's actual chance of appearing is 20%."
Credit:Kamyu for writing the tool that this is used for. Thanks Kamyu, it's been a real life-saver!
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.2.5

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