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Runecraft: The Barrows Brothers

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The Barrows Brothers Mod



The Barrows brothers were a band of six legendary Saradominist warriors who ventured into Morytania during the God Wars, leading the Morytania Campaign. Their fate is revealed in the crumbling tome. They struck a deal with a mysterious stranger for power, and after their deaths, the Stranger came to 'collect' them, and they were buried in six burial mounds, or Barrows, in eastern Morytania, giving them their collective name. Even after their deaths, they remain as wights. They are featured in the Armies of Gielinor Saradomin Strikes campaign. Their ages are shown by their names, the first alphabetically being the oldest (Ahrim), and the last alphabetically being the youngest (Verac). The brothers are very strong wights, and their name is derived from their last resting place, now known as the Barrows.

ItemsBlockscrypt ratsBloodwormsCrypt SkeletonsCrypt Spiders

Mod Content:
The mod adds the 6 barrows brothers as minibosses (including boss bar) and various rewards for defeating them.
6 armor sets, 6 unique weapons, 1 Barrows Book which can show you your kill count / brother and your total barrows count (how much time you made it)
The mod is counting your finished barrows runs and kills. There is 1 drop table with 4 possible drop categories, Barrows related drops, food drops, medicore materials (like coal, iron ore,gold ore) and epic drops like nether star, netherite related items, emeralds diamonds etc. There is also a rare drop (Amulet of the Damned) which can be combined with each barrows pieces to create their "Damned" versions. The damned versions are slightly stronger and more durable versions of their original versions.

How to find the barrows?
Because of the limited structure generation, the barrows has to be spawned manually because it's a pretty large structure. To do this you have to craft the
"Ancient Sign". (Just right click with it to the ground and wait a little bit for the structure to spawn, but be sure to do it away from your buildings to do not mess them. If the structure won't shown up instantly just save the world exit and load it again.
The recipe for the Ancient Sign

How to beat the bosses and how to prepare?
The barrows bricks are extremely strong and resistant. First you have to get into the chambers where you can find the Sarchopagis of the brothers. You will need a shovel to do it because the barrows are covered with dirt and you have to find the entrance to their chambers on the top of those small hills. Also you can't break the blocks without netherite tools). There is locked and blocked doors. Blocked doors can't be broken without netherite items, meanwhile locked doors can only be unlocked with Strange Old Lockpicks which is dropped by crypt creatures with a 25% chance/kill. Each lockpick can be used 15 times before they broke, so plan your barrows runs wisely otherwise you will stuck down.
Defeating each one of the bosses will require the best gear you can get (netherite is perfect but at least diamond required, enchanted gear is optional but bring many potions).


Upcoming Features

-Bosses special abilities

-Different dungeon overlays
-Drop rate system
-Repair feature in armorsmith and weaponsmith villagers

Credit: The art created by alliedforce35

Curseforge link: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/runecraft-the-barrows-brothers

Known bugs: Structure generation problems, will be fixed in the next update.

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Nosferatu8 05/15/2022 6:40:58 amMay 15th

-Added structure spawner item because of the barrows too large and it's can't be generated properly.

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05/16/2022 4:35 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
Varyson avatar
Hey any chance of it working on 1.12.2?
05/16/2022 10:08 am
Level 31 : Artisan Modder
Nosferatu8 avatar
Sadly no and we do not have any plan to make it for 1.12.2. The problem that many functions and features existing in the mod has been implemented on the later updates of minecraft so there is no chance to backport it for 1.12.2 sadly.
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