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SCMowns Server Lottery Mod

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Every 30 minutes a random ticket is drawn ranging from 1 through the number of tickets available. If a ticket is drawn that has not been purchase the ticket is no good. Players can purchase up to a certain amount of tickets specified in the admin command. With Discord, players can keep track of their drawings and can see which tickets have been pulled. In-game, players can buy tickets and see their numbers. Try out this mod either by downloading it or joining my modded Minecraft server, SCMowns Server.

Note: All lotteries are done using fake in-game money called MineCash that has no real dollar value to it.


SCMowns Server Lottery Mod Minecraft Mod

SCMowns Server Lottery Mod Minecraft Mod


• /lottery - gives the lottery details/prize pool
• /lottery buy <amount> - purchases a batch of available tickets.
• /lottery buy ticket <number> - purchase 1 ticket with a number you set. Cannot be greater than the available tickets offered.
• /lottery check - shows all your lottery numbers
• /lottery winners - returns the past 10 winners.

Admin commands:

• /lottery start prizepool numberoftickets costperticket ticketlimitofpurchase

• /lottery clear - clears all tickets in the database

• /lottery end - ends the current active lottery
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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