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Skalibers Better Sleeping

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avatar Skaliber
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
I'm proud to present my most complex pack so far! This is SBS, or Skalibers Better Sleeping. This datapack allows you to change the duration of your day-night cycle, by multiplying the duration by a defined value. Setting up the datapack to work in the way you want is very easy, I've listed the appropriate commands that you'll need at the bottom of the description.

I really recommend watching the showcase video for this one, because i do a lot of explaining towards how the datapack actually works.

I've spent a lot of time making sure this datapack works as intended in multiplayer, so please do use this on your server! Otherwise, you're more than welcome to use it any world you like.

/scoreboard players set timewarp skaldebug X

This command will set the length of your day-night cycle. The value of "X" is a multiplier for the normal time, so a value of 20 will make the day-night cycle 20x longer than usual.

"What should i set timewarp to?"

timewarp: 1 - It's daytime for 10 minutes, the whole day-night cycle is 20 minutes, this is the same as vanilla.

timewarp: 9 - It's daytime for 90 minutes, this is the default value for SBS.

timewarp: 72 - The entire day-night cycle takes exactly 24 hours, the same as this weird server called "Real Life".

timewarp: 2147483647 - This is the maximum value that a score can be, the day-night cycle takes over 80,000 years.

/function skaliber:bettersleeping/settings/everyonesleeps
This will toggle the setting for multiplayer sleep. This is now a common command to have on servers and such, but essentially if this setting is disabled, then only one person needs to sleep, to pass the night. Only people who were in a bed when the night passes will receive positive effects, if the effects setting is on.

/function skaliber:bettersleeping/settings/sleepeffects
This is the setting that enables / disables the positive effects gained, from getting a good early night.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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