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Skyblock Addon Datapack

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avatar CalvinThePleb
Level 6 : Apprentice Princess
Skyblock Addon Datapack
This datapack includes many crafting recipes to further your gameplay in skyblock without making the crafting recipes too easy to make.


Flint: requires 4 blocks of granite and provides 1 flint
Gravel: requires 9 flint and provides 1 gravel
Soulsand: requires 1 ender pearl, 1 sand block, and 1 ghast tear and provides 1 soul sand
Netherquartz: requires 1 bone and 1 netherwart and provides 1 netherquartz
Netherbrick: requires 1 brick to be smelting and provides 1 netherbrick
Prismarine Shard: requires 1 netherquartz and 1 cod and provides 2 prismarine shards


The reason soul sand is difficult to make is due to the fact that sand is dupable and soul sand is needed to grow netherwarts, which are needed for netherquartz, which combined with cobble, make diorite, which combined with netherquartz, makes granite, making the process to create gravel difficult. This is done because like sand, gravel is dupable, and mixed with dirt, creates coarse dirt. Once coarse dirt is tilled it becomes dirt, making infinite dirt. I felt like including netherbrick for decorational purposes, and prismarine for slightly similar purposes, also prismarine shards can be used to make guardian farms.


´╗┐In the near future I hope to add a lava bucket trade to wandering traders in an attempt to create obsidian. First, though, I have to learn how to change the trades which I am quite stupid and have no idea on how to do so.

Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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