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SnowArrow Golems Datapack [1.14]

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avatar gibbsly
Level 20 : Expert Engineer

Upgrade Your Golems!

This should work on most if not all 1.14 snapshots

Hello! This is a simple datapack that allows you to upgrade snow golems to shoot arrows!

All you have to do to improve a golem is remove the pumpkin from it's head (by right clicking a snow golem with sheers), and throw a dispenser on it. When it is upgraded, it makes a sound, and that is how you know it worked!

The arrows it shoots do only 1 damage, but that is much better then the no damage a snowball does.

Installation Instructions
Just take the file of the pack, and drop it directly into your world's datapack folder, nothing else is required!

If you have questions, ideas, or problems, please feel free to say below.

Have Fun!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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