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Statues Mod for 1.16.4 (may work in other version but I have not tested it)

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MCsquidzy avatar MCsquidzy
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This is a statues mod that adds exactly as you would expect, STATUES! These statues can hold either one item and act as a display case to show off to your friends or as a statue that you can make using the statue's UI and shulker boxes. you can make all kinds of art with these as you can use every block in the game to display your creation to the world.
Things to note:
  • I will be adding more statues in the future it is just going to take a while.
  • Each layer of the statue creation process is created using the first 16 slots of shulker boxes (row one of the first layer is the first 4 items in the shulker, second row is items 5-8, exc.).
  • For the Items to start rendering, an item must be in the first slot.
  • You create the statues by first crafting a statue base, then clicking the statue base on a statue cutter.
  • Statue cutters can be obtained by trading with mason villagers.
  • watch the video for crafting recipies.
  • if you have any questions feel free to message me or ask them in the comments.
  • same goes for bugs.
  • If you want to send me pictures of what you have created please feel free to I want to see.
  • have a great rest of your day :)
Progress50% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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