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Super Custom NPCs Redux (W.I.P)

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avatar FuntimeFredbear128
Level 38 : Artisan Modder
Check out the original mod by MrSerr bellow


(I was permitted by Noppes to do this. This is technically not my mod. All credit goes to Noppes for the creation of the original Custom Npcs. I mostly just managed the textures)

Like the mod? Tell me how it was.

With now over 840 Superhero and villain textures, Super Custom Npcs Redux brings a new experience to your superhero world. This mod retextures some default items as well as add some new ones. Including 6 infinity gems (Modders needed to fix tint), tokens, and new suits. This mod is perfect for superhero roleplays.

There are also some other items such as comic books, chains, Baby Groot, Scarface, Dwarf Star Alloys, Boomerangs, Claws, Ketchup and Mustard Guns, and ISO 8

There are also random pieces of armor such as Anti Telepathy helmets (no effects yet,) Gorilla Grodd Cape, Joker gassed smiles, deadly wounds, Mad Hatter's hat, Skrull suit (may be completed in the future), fake mustaches, Trigon possessed eyes (needs modder to fix item appearance,) Victor Zsasz's scars, sweatpants with shoes, and winged feet,

There are also full sets of armor such as Red Hood (Joker,) SHIELD uniform, Guardian, Daredevil, Steel, and Ghost Rider. Some of these suits are quite OP and I need a modder to deop them. Now the Quantum Suit from Avengers: Endgame is in the mod.
(WARNING: Ghost Rider griefs by leaving behind fire, don't ask me, it wasn't my idea.)

-500 views or downloads=Complete
-1,000 views or downloads=Complete

-2,000 views or downloads=Almost There
-5,000 views or downloads=In Progress
-10,000 views or downloads=In Progress

The Infinity Gems are fully functional, (except for reality because I don't know wtf happened with that one.)

This mod also contains voices. Hulk can get angry and yell, and Joker and Harley Quinn can laugh.
CreditNoppes for creating Custom NPCs and MrSerr for bringing Super Custom NPCs to life.
Progress65% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

2 Update Logs

🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!🎃 : 10/31/2019 7:18:21 pmOct 31st

🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Planet Minecraft🎃 This Halloween update adds some familiar Halloween faces like Micheal Myers, Pennywise, Chucky, and more. I even added in Freddy Fazbear and Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's.

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