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avatar OrcadimusXD
Level 14 : Journeyman Miner
Hi everyone :)
This is my first mod that i have made. Recently i have heard a lot of talk about people wanting a mod based off the anime Sword Art Online. To my dismay i found out that no one has uploaded a finished for updated mod of the type for minecraft 1.11.2 so this is why I am sharing this mod with you guys today. So far I have included some basic things such as crystals and a new dimension. This mod is by no means finished as of yet but I intend on completing it.
For those of you who dont know, Sword art online (SAO) is an anime from around 2012 set in 2022. The main idea of the story is that a company creates a vr helmet called the nervegear . Around 10000 players start playing this game and soon realise that they cant log out. The game being a full vr simulation (meaning they can see, hear, feel, taste and smell everything in the game) makes this a lot more serious without mentioning that if they die in the game they die in real life. the only way out is to complete the game.
I am currently in the development stage of v2.0 for this mod. It will be for minecraft 1.11.2.
V2.0 will include more than 50 new items and blocks. Because this mod has so many parts i will also be releasing small expansion packs after the release of v2.0 the small expansion packs will have things like new tool sets weapon sets and block packs. At some point i will also release quest packs
An assortment of different weapons ( one of which includes a sword that shoots fire arrows)
All of the textures are 100% original meaning I made all of the textures by my self.
Any support is appreciated :)
(And yes i intend on changing the portal to be a wearable helmet that resembles the nerve gear)
Im hoping to complete the mod by the end of this month or earlier. When the mod is complete i will upload a zip folder which will include all of the parts of this mod. No core mods are necessary but you need to have forge installed already on minecraft 1.11.2
Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated and feedback would be great too.
feel free to email me at [email protected]
PLEASE NOTE: I do not give permission for ANYONE to claim the textures or anything like that as their own)
If you guys and girls have any suggestions of what to add let me know :) This mod is being built with MCreator.
Progress20% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • August 20, 2018, 3:26 pm
Hi guys, recently i have been very busy and havent been able to work on the mod a lot but i will be working some more on v2 over the weekend.
So far i have done:
Red crystals
Red crystal block
Red crystal sword
Red crystal ore
Ive done those in red orange yellow green real blue and magenta.
Ive done new elucidators and lambent lights (again)
Around 20 other weapons including special metal bows and arrows etc.
Lvl 1 sword
Lvl 2 sword
Lvl 3 sword.
Lvl 4 swords will start having effects and buffs
Knives (lvl1 to lvl3 in iron and gold)
Buns crafted from bread (get 3)
Cream crafted from bricks in the same shape as a bucket but with milk in the middle (get 3)
Cream buns from cream and buns
Better crystals (now they arent upside down)
Portal now uses new nerve blocks and the portal has a new animation
Less plasticy virtual blocks
No virtual wood. Replaced with oak.
Message box
Yuis heart
A series of ancient relics
And there are 15 more but ill leave you guys to find out what they are apon release. Im hopefully less than 2 weeks away from finishing. Got a lot of bugs to deal with. (Thanks mcreator :| ) there will ve around 20 .jar files (also thanks to mcreator) because of the software limitations.
Will also be adding :
Nerve block
Nerve stone
Lots of basic building blocks (10ish)
Adding the small potions aswell whoch can be crafted instead of brewed.
Was going to add a custom health bar but minecraft didnt agree with it (crashed 10/10 times)
Adding some more foods like THE sandwhich
Elven steels
Dwarf steels
Elven weapons (bows and knives)
Dwarf weapons (maces and hammers and broad swords)
Thats all from me today and hopefully you guus are being patient with me XD. Dont worry, not long now

  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • July 31, 2018, 3:57 pm
Heu everyone. Just letting you know that v2.0 is 25% complete :)
There will be
Teal,orange,red,blue,green,blue,yellow and magenta crystal sets which include an ore gem block and weapon
Remodelled textures
Level 1 2 and 3 iron swords
Basic knives
Elven metal bow
Ethereal metal bow
Message box (prop)
Relics worth different amounts
Currency called col
Foods like sandwhiches and buns and cream
A dedicated set of items for a friend of mine
New Potions
Remodelled crystals
Remade the virtual items to not look like plastic :)
And a whole lot more
Please bear with me guys im working hard to release this next version of the mod. NOTE: IT WILL BE FOR MINECRAFT 1.11.2
  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • July 21, 2018, 5:21 am
Hey everyone :) sorry that there hasnt been an update for a while. I am working on a really big update with 20+ items going in. From now on the recipes will be using mostly vanilla items. Going to fix the biome and block textures that i displayed and going to add in some more items showcased in the anime like the potions foods and some more stuff. I will also be starting a map project for sword art online. Early diamond-ers will have exclusive access to this map through out its development stages once i have finished floor 1.
  • jhonsepar
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • July 17, 2018, 9:48 am
WOW THANKS! PLS FINISH IT <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥♥

  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 30, 2018, 5:16 am
You can download the updated 1.12.2 version here:

  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 30, 2018, 1:19 am
Hi everyone : )
From now on I will be posting the links for the new versions of the mod in the comment due to the time it takes for the mod to be green lit.
Some changes will be made to the following:
All new textures
Renamed: Crystal Sword to Dark Repulser
Renamed: Asuna's rapier to Lambent Light
Migrating to Minecraft 1.12.2
Sorry about the delay again

  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 13, 2018, 2:29 pm
Hey guys sorry about being late with the new version of the mod. Planet minecraft took almost a week to green light the mod so i didnt get a chance to upload the new version of the mod it will be up soon hopefully :)
  • OrcadimusXD
  • Level 14
  • Journeyman Miner
  • June 7, 2018, 6:50 am
Version 1.0.5a (1.0.4 failed) will include:
Kirito's Outfit
Dedicated creative tab for Kirito's Items
More Swords
New Ores
Crafting Recipes for ALL items (will give pictures on release)

After some issues with my pc i havent been able to get the Aincrad biome to work but if you want to have a play around with it just email me ( [email protected] )and i can send you the file. (Note that the error for 1.0.4 was this biome and minecraft crashed on initialisation. May just be my pc specifically.)

Share this with some friends and some people who liked the anime

Count down until 1.0.5a Release (at the time of this update) is :
2 Days 21 Hours 10 Mins

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