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Sym's Fisk Hero Pack

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avatar symbiotespidey
Level 17 : Journeyman Ranger

Symbiotespidey's Fisk Hero Pack

Hey guys, it's me symbiotespidey here, and I've spent the last 3 days working on this hero pack for you guys. My hero pack will be implemented into my server, Fisk's Evolved, I hope you guys enjoy it! If you want to use this hero pack on your server, please ask for my permission first! Do not re-post this hero pack!

Alright, some of you may not know where to place hero packs, so pay attention!

Follow these steps exactly:

Unzip my heropack, and place it into the following location:

Appdata > Roaming > .minecraft > fiskheroes

The display above shows exactly where you need to place my hero pack for it to work! Do not place it as a zipped folder, you must unzip it. You can use 7zip or winrar to do so.

Suits added:

-Ghost Rider (Custom)

-Green Lantern (DC REBIRTH)

-Hulk (MCU)

-Professor Hulk (MCU)

-Thanos (MCU)

-Endgame Thanos (MCU)

-Superman (DCEU)

-Superman (Injustice 2)

-Red Hood (Arkham)

-Impulse (Young Justice)

-Wolverine (FOX Comic Suit)

-Raphael (TMNT)

-Dark Raphael (TMNT)

The icons for some suits may be purple and black, and I may need some skilled people to texture some icons for me. What I mean by icons is the tiny textures for helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots while they're in your inventory. However, all textures for suits as a whole are fine. I just need help with item icons.
CreditCreator: Symbiotespidey
Progress25% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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