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avatar GatKong
Level 41 : Master Technomancer
Entirely a vanilla Minecraft Data Pack for 1.14.1+

Telebeacon: allows teleportation between identical beacons.

The more expensive the beacon's pyramid, the better the telebeacon will function.

Cheap iron-based telebeacons will hurt the player who teleports through it, with the cheapest level-1 being fatal without magic-damage protection, and the most expensive level-4 iron beacons causing only mild hunger and nausea.

Gold of course is better than iron, diamond even better, with emerald being the best.

The most expensive emerald pyramid-based telebeacons (level-4) even allow teleportation to different dimensions. To prevent players from teleporting out of The End before they kill the dragon, the datapack will prevent the activation of an emerald beacon in the End so long as the dragon still lives.


If you enjoy this datapack, please give it some love with diamonds and favorites >^_^<

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Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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