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The Chill Mod (COMPLETE!)

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MattyBoii_360 avatar MattyBoii_360
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
Well, guys, it's been another long year, complete with a full-on pandemic that spread throughout the whole world while I was still using M-Creator to make the "Oof Mod". Well, now that the year is over it is time for me to show you what I have been working on for the past few weeks using the M-Creator software because I can't use Java and Eclipse to code stuff. Anyway, let's get into what this mod adds to Minecraft!

This mod is called "The Chill Mod & Random Stuff" The main focus is the "Chill" part of the mod! Because it's winter I decided to add another, block, tool, ore, ingot, weapon, armor, plant, dimension, food, biome, and other stuff COMBO, related to the cold chilly winter!

The Blocks Are: Too many to list here without wasting your time. Look in the screenshots OR (DOWNLOAD THE MOD LOL)

The Tools Are: A new chill set of tools, the chill sword is the most powerful of the bunch, doing 10 damage in one hit. That's enough to kill a pig in ONE hit!

The Food Is: Only a few things currently have been added to the game! More coming soon.

The Items Are: Too many to list here look in the screenshots or download the mod and install it!!

The Guns, & Bows & More Are: Chill Bow, & the Chill Machine Gun, the chill machine gun always fires, and shoots fire from it.

The Dimension Is The Chill dimension with a bright blue sky, yet I am sure it looks just like the overworld which is currently a bug that will be fixed soon!

The Biome Is The Chill Biome ** I can't remember if I have or haven't added this into the game yet! Sorry!!

The Mobs Are: There are currently a few mobs added into the game, right now. And they are, Chill Creeper, Chill Spider, Chill Pig, & A custom mob called the "Chill Alien" That has a custom model and texture that was made by me!!

The Armor Is A new set of armor called Chill Armor. More armor might be coming soon.

The Creative Tabs Are One tab for all the items in the Chill Mod.
CreditMe. I am the only person working on this mod.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by MattyBoii_360 12/13/2021 6:37:00 pmDec 13th, 2021

It's finally the moment you have all been waiting for... The Chill Mod has been officially completed as of Monday 13, December 2021. This mod has been in development for far too long now and I think it's time that this mod is classed as being finished because I don't know what else to add and my project file for this mod got corrupted yesterday. Thank you so much for all of your support over the past year, and I can't wait to see what awesome mods I can come up with in the remainder of December 2021, and January 2022.

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12/13/2021 10:43 pm
Level 48 : Master Soldier
Mr_Iron_Golum avatar
10/31/2021 1:45 am
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
New Update is Officially Out!

Here are the links in case you would like to download an older version of the mod for whatever reason.
Please note that the newest version is Chill Mod 1.2. Also, all of the mod versions are compatible with 1.12.2 only. The links are Mediafire links as it is the best way for me to archive the downloads.\

Chill Mod 1.0: www.mediafire.com/file/10ein2lmwvoc5er/ChillModAndRandomStuff.jar/file
Chill Mod 1.1: www.mediafire.com/file/ddpr4tjqpatwp7g/TheChillMod1.1.jar/file
Chill Mod 1.2: www.mediafire.com/file/h3yhse72rz7oan2/TheChillMod1.2.jar/file
10/08/2021 6:08 pmhistory
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
Hey everyone!
I have been gone for a very long time right now. I'm still alive and well, and have been working on a new version of the mod since February 2021. I am going to be releasing this update on October 31st 2021. I apologise for the wait but this time it is going to be worth it, and I can just tell you're all going to love this new update. It's very good because it's been in development for 8 months. But here we are right now. Thank you for waiting so long. I can't wait for you to try this update.

Chill Mod Creator.
04/03/2021 8:46 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
I will be releasing a new update to the "Chill Mod" On April 8th. Please stay tuned to this page. The version that I will be releasing has been in the works since February 1st 2021, so expect this update to be BIG. Thanks for reading, and I will see you back here on April 8th for "The Chill Mod 1.2"
02/19/2021 5:48 am
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
Hey, guys. I thought I would update you all on how development is going. You might be worried about me and why I haven't updated in a while. So, I have been texturing many new blocks to add to the mod as well as new items. I have also taken my time finding bugs within entities, blocks, and items. All of them will be fixed and a huge update will be dropped to the Minecraft community on March 1, 2021.
01/04/2021 8:02 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RainboweQ888 avatar
But how to craft some of this stuff
Maybe add a crafting book that you spawn with
or just add your items to the normal recipe book
01/04/2021 9:52 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
I am currently working on crafting recipes for all the items and blocks and MANY other things. Though, that might take me a while as I need new items for the game example a new type of stick will be required to make the tools. And other new items for crafting other things.

New update will be coming soon, but it won't have crafting stuff.
01/01/2021 10:55 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Modder
MattyBoii_360 avatar
Because this mod hit 15 downloads a few hours ago, I have decided to remove the MediaFire links and make the mod a direct download! Enjoy the mod! More updates will be coming soon to this mod, so, keep checking back to this page regularly to see I drop a new update. Thanks!
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