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The Crazy Turtle Mod

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avatar LadyHaley
Level 21 : Expert Princess

Currently 1.7.10, will be updated to 1.11.2 very soon with a load of more content.
Please tell us what you thought of the mod and if you have any suggestions.

The Crazy Turtle Mod add various types of turtles and turtle related content to the game.

Report any bugs and issues here.

Mob Descriptions
Just a smol boy enjoying life, he is very happy and wants to be friends.
Drops Turtle Leather and Turtle Shell. Passive.

Zombie Turtle
An undead turtle with a never ending hunger. Doesn't mean any harm, he can't help it.
Drops Turtle Leather and Turtle Shell. Hostile, does melee damage.

Mine Turtle
A drunk man named Tom turned a Turtle into the explosive Mine Turtle. (Credit to Tomska)
Drops Turtle Leather, Turtle Shell, and Gunpowder. Hostile, Explodes on contact. Chases Hello Guy.

Hello Guy
Pretty friendly dude, wants you to have a nice day.
Drops Nothing. Passive. Runs from Mine Turtle

TMNT Raphael
Part of the world's most fearsome fighting team. Raphael is cool but rude.
Drops nothing. Neutral, attacks most hostile mobs.

TMNT Leonardo
When the evil Shredder attacks this turtle boy don't cut him no slack. Leonardo leads the TMNT.
Drops nothing. Neutral, attacks most hostile mobs.

TMNT Michelangelo
He is a hero in a half shell. Michelangelo is a party dude.
Drops nothing. Neutral, attacks most hostile mobs.

TMNT Donatello
Hero in a half shell, turtle power. Donatello does machines.
Drops nothing. Neutral, attacks most hostile mobs.

TMNT Foot Ninja
A Ninja part of the Foot Clan. They are sneaky and can't be trusted.
Drops Nothing. Hostile. Attacks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Item Descriptions
Turtle Leather
Used to make Turtle Armor

Turtle Shell
Can be placed, can be worn, used to make Turtle Armor.

Turtle Armor
Offers protection from damage. Grants special effects with the full set.
Consists of Turtle Helmet, Turtle Chest plate, Turtle Leggings and Turtle Boots

Cream Quartz
Used to make Cream Quartz Block

Cream Quartz Block
Only here for aesthetic.

Turtle Helmet

Turtle Chestplate

Turtle Leggings

Turtle Boots

Cream Quartz

Cream Quartz Block

Upcoming Features
Gamera - Giant turtle monster from the film Gamera: The Giant Monster

Nether Turtle - Hostile, leaves fire trails, can set you on fire

Arctic Turtle - Hostile, leaves snow trail, can slow you down

TMNT Shredder - Leader of the foot ninja base

TMNT Master Splinter - Leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Spatula - Used to flip turtles upside down

Katana - A new weapon

Leonardo's Katana - A new weapon

Michelangelo's Nunchucks - A new weapon

Donatello's Staff - A new weapon

Raphael's Sia - A new weapon

Tamable Turtles - Being able to name, upgrade and level up your pet turtles

Zombie Turtle Cure - Turns Zombie Turtles into regular Turtles

Kunai - A new weapon

Smoke bomb - A new weapon/tool

Boss Turtle - Big and imposing hostile turtle that's hard to beat but worth the reward

Pizza - Used to tame turtles or just to eat yourself

T-Phone - Used to change pet turtles stats

Skeleton Turtle - Fast, does low damage, spawn in large groups

Wither Skeleton Turtle - Similar to Skeleton Turtle but does wither effect

Feel free to suggest more :P

All Downloads

Alpha 5.0 (Current) (1.7.10 | Forge) - Download

Alpha 4.5 (1.6.4 | Forge) - Download

Alpha 4.1 (1.6.4 | Forge) - Download

Alpha 4.0 (1.6.2 | Forge) - Download

Alpha 3.0 (1.4 | Modloader) - Download

Alpha 2.1 (Modloader) - Download

Alpha 2.0 (Second Release | Modloader) - Download

Alpha 1.0 (First Release | Modloader) - Missing

GitHub Releases Page - Link

Mod Reviews

LadyHaley - Models, Textures, Sounds

TheGamingHuskyMC - Code [1.11.2]

Aaron - Code [1.11.2]

Ry_Dog101 - Code [1.4 - 1.7.10]

illexicon - Code [1.7.10]

Placeholder text
Credita2937, TheGamingHuskyMC, Rydog101, illexicon
Progress60% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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