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The Emerald Haven

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The Emerald Starr avatar The Emerald Starr
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About Project:

We will be working on a major mod that will be unique and add in a variety of items, mechanics, blocks, dimensions, physics, and more! The mod will focus on magical aspects, story, and adventure. So far the mod adds in rocks to spawn in your world and molten stone near the bottom of your world. Also a wide variety of biomes spawn within the overworld. Explore your world and find structures, biomes, and more!

What's in the mod so far?
  • Over 100+ blocks!
  • 13 new ores!
  • 6 new rocks to spawn in the Overworld!
  • 22 new biomes!
  • 52 new structures!
  • and so much more

Some nice previews

Rocky Flat Biome:
Spoiler (click to show)
Cobalt Biome:
Spoiler (click to show)
Underground ores and rocks:
Spoiler (click to show)

About the Owner:

My name is E.S Nasrullah. I am a programmer and Minecraft mod developer. I have made a few failed MC maps and mods. Few of my mods have been a success. I have made a shaderspack and tons of other JSON files. I have major experience in MC commands and an quite well with JSON. I also am working on a Terraria mod and a Unity game! I love coding with C# and Java, and I am definitely a nerd. :)


If you have any question please ask me directly on Discord or go to the support channel on my server. You can also comment down below for help.

This project was developed partly with MCreator! You may not use this mod in any public modpacks at all without permission. Thank You! (If you wish for permission, contact me.)

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/NpH5mZy
Our CurseForge: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/the-emerald-haven

MCreator: https://mcreator.net/

Email: theemeraldhavenmod@gmail.com

On the Team:

Epicloudygamer(The Emerald Modder/ The Emerald Star,The Emerald Star#2960), Sourlightz(Nothingness, Nothingness#3171), Fizz (flickeringradio, fariytones), piano, the shopkeep, The Potato God, Calloway Caliphus, bananacreampi4552

Thank you for downloading our mod.

🔨NEWS: Update 1.8.0 will be the last MCreator update! It will be a massive update and we will make it count before version 2.0 which will be the update when we are fully out of MCreator and will be using Eclipse IDE!🔨
CreditEpicloudygamer(The Emerald Modder/ The Emerald Star), Sourlightz(Nothingness, Nothingness#3171), Fizz, flickeringradio, The Potato God, Calloway Caliphus, bananacreampi4552 , MCreator
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

1 Update Logs

Changelog : 08/10/2019 2:42:39 pmAug 10th, 2019


1- Removes IllusionScape from Overworld. Added to the Helix Diemension

2- Modified biome generation chance: Moderate chance between dry, warm, and cooler worlds.

3- Modified creative tabs

4- Modified Wooden Armors (still has placeholders for the item but the armor now works)

1- Adds in Cobalt Hill variations

2- Fixes Cobalt tree gen. in the case of it overlapping other trees

3- Updates Forge Version (in 1.12.2)

4- Fixes two minor bugs involving hand-held weapons.

1- Added in Unakite Forest Biome

2- Added Rocky MT Biome

3- Added in Rocky Terrain Biome

4- Fixed two performance bugs

5- Organized WP Code

1- Updated to latest Forge Version

2- Added in Angel Hall

3- Updated loot tables for Desert Ruins

4- Updated Bar Generation

5- Fixed bug where Bar generated in the Abyss and oceanic biomes

6- Updated Angel, Deathlands, and Anti-End portal generation. Changes can be seen on wiki.

7- Updated Cobalt Tree generation

8- Fixed Cobalt Trees from generating on the wrong blocks or merging together.

9- Added in Amethyst Armor

10- Added in Cobalt Plains

11- Fixed Cobalt Tree generation

12- Added in Oak Armor

13- Added in Birch Armor

14- Added in Jungle Armor

15- Fixed Terra Gen.

16- Fixed Helix Portal Texture

17- Fixed minor bugs

1- Did multiple performance fixes

2- Organized code

3- Fixed multiple bugs involving crashes;

- Startup time

- Cobalt Biome freeze

- Dimension/Biome crash

- Fixed Registry for biomes

Game-Play and Thule Updates (

1- Updated mod to latest version of Forge 1.12.2

2- Updated to Java 8 and 9

3- Updated Cobalt Biome; Tree generation, plants, and biome gen.

4- Quality of Cobalt Ore; Generates only in the Cobalt Biome

5- Edits weapon textures outside of the pre-set MCreator

6- Adds in 8 new biomes!

7- Added in Abyss, Deep-Abyss, and Hellic MT to the Thule

8- Modified Thule generation

9- Portals for the dimensions now have a 1/20 chance to generate in your world. Craft-able portal frames are a WIP.

10- Added in 7 new weapons and tools

11- Added in 5 new ores

12- Added in 25 new blocks

13- Added in 9 new structures

14- Performance Fix for the Illusion Scape Biome

15- Fixed 10 structure generations

16- Modified loot generation for Ruins (1-5)

17- And More!

The Performance Updates (1.7.8 Versions)

1- Fixed Mod

2-Added in Server Compatibility

3- Added in armor sets for all the ores (excluding Olprim ore)

4- Added in flying entities in the Infested Biome

5- Actually got the sound for the Infested Grass to work!

6- Added in Angel Haven biome (But it sucks soo much )

7- I think I fixed the structure bugs

8- Structure Disaster

9- Fixed structure bugs excluding the village (Working on it )

10- Added in Dungeon #4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

11- Fixed Dungeon 3's lighting bug

12- Added in Elemental Set

13- Added in Elemental Weapons

14- Fixed some lighting bugs involving the hospital

15- Added in fixes to the following structures

16- Added in Jail 1 and Jail 2 structures

17- Added in fixes to cobalt texture bugs

18- Added in some performance fixes to repair some MCreator animations causing death.

19- Fixes some biome bugs involving terrain gen.

20- Added in Extreme Desert biome

21- Straggler homes spawn here.<time>(edited)</time>

22- The abyssal caverns dimension!

23- Thule fix*

24- Added more stuff into structures!

25- New bugs!

26- Fixed those bugs hopefully (Let's see)

27- Actually made the ores do stuff!

29- Added in a couple new armor sets

30- Added in 27 new weapons

31- Added in 36 new tools

32- Added in custom music to play in dimensions

33- Added in 12 new structures

34- The new cobalt biome

35- Improved the atmosphere of The Infested Biome including music!

36- New plants and some pretty bad placeholders for rocks.....

37- Removed most old biomes from the Deathlands

38- Added in special biomes into the Deathlands

39- Added in 12 new structures to the Deathlands

1-Removed IllusionScape biome (temporarily)

2-Fixed bug where Death Ice and Sand sounds like wool

3-Made some changes to Cobalt ore for performance fix

4-Updating the Infested biome with custom plants

5-New Heliex Biome

6- Restricted Cobalt Ore gen

7- Restricted the amount of Rock and Coal Deposit into specific biomes

Rock Spawns in:

- Extreme Hills

- Smaller Extreme Hills

- Hilly Forest

- Rocky Flat

- Mutated Hills

- Mutated Extreme Hills

Coal Deposit spawns in:

- Extreme Hills

- Smaller Extreme Hills

8- Reduced Tower spawn rates

9- Fixed Rocky Flat biome gen.

10- Bug Fixes:

- Added in performance fix for the Deathlands

- Added in performance fix for Deathly Water

- Added in performance fix for Cobalt and Ruby ores

- Fixed Thule dimension

11- Fixed Infested Wither sound bug

12- removed Helix for now :/

13- Added back the IllusionScape biome

1- Added in new dungeon bricks for the Deathlands

1- Added in Desert Ruin structure to spawn in the Extreme Desert.

2- Added in Rocky Flat tower structure

3- Added in Desert Platform structure

4- Added in Desert Well structure

5- Removed floating sky structure bits

6- Fixed Aquatic Cobalt spawn rates

7- Fixed Infested Biome plant bug

8- Removed the IllusionScape again

9- Added in IllusionScape back :/

1- Reduced Aquatic Cobalt ore spawn rates :/

2- Fixed a performance bug with underground structures

3- Fixed Infested Wither not spawning in Infested Biome

4- Oh dear shaders (in Deathlands)

1- Reduced ruin spawn rates

2- Nerfed Dungeon Loot

3- Buffed Infested Wither by Health

4- Reduced Infested Wither speed

5- Removed passive features on Infested Wither. Infested Wither will now attack on-site

6- Fixed Infested Wither spawn rates and locations. (Will now only spawn in the Infested Biome )

7- Fixed Cobalt sword hand-held bug

8- Updated Cobalt sword texture

9- Fixed Obsidian Blade hand-held model

I forgot to put the patch notes for

(The Performance Update)

1- Fixed sun following cursor in Terra

2- Added Oblivion biome to the Angel Dimension

3- Removed Weather and Fog from the Angel Dimension

4- Fixed Deathlands cave lighting bug

(older history)

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02/24/2019 7:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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The name "Nasrallah" do remind me of someone, are you shia?
02/24/2019 3:48 pm
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
The Emerald Starr
The Emerald Starr avatar
No, I am american but my ethnicity is Asian Indian. :)
My parents are foreign so.....
01/28/2019 4:53 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Skinner
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12/23/2018 3:05 pm
Level 20 : Expert Crafter
The Emerald Starr
The Emerald Starr avatar
1.1.6 is released! Thank you to all who helped get us this far!
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