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The Last of Us modpack

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valedmar avatar valedmar
Level 10 : Journeyman Modder
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment or add me on discord: Valedmar#0998

I am currently working on a tlou themed modpack. Currently, I have some guns, ammo, custom loot, custom cities that generate automatically. I have Runners and Clickers that spawn at selected areas. I have some fancy textures, courtesy of Emiel97 on Planet Minecraft.

The majority of the tlou themed parts are part of a mod I am currently creating myself. Therefore it is in no way perfect, but considering the last tlou mod was published years ago, I believe this modpack is quite a new experience.

The modpack is now uploaded to Technicplatform, for use with the Technic Launcher, however, it is still WIP.

Technic Launcher link: www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-last-of-us-modpack-1122.1813101

There is a "/tlou" command, with "/tlou help"

Little help/info:

First of all, you play in adventure mode, this is to enhance the experience, as being able to break everything kinda falls out of the survival feel we get from the game.

You can use the listening mechanic, by sneaking/crouching, default keybind "Ctrl".

You can craft Alcohol and Cloth using the custom craft menu, default keybind "R", in the crafting GUI you can make Alcohol with 4 pieces of Alcohol and Cloth with 4 pieces of Cloth. With 1 Cloth and 1 Alcohol, you can craft either a Medkit, which heals You, or a Molotov which sets everything on fire.

You spawn in, and will respawn, with a Rifle, a Shotgun, a Medkit, some Bullets, a Flashlight and a Switchblade.

The Flashlight should stay in the off-hand, for easier use, right-clicking will turn on the flashlight, which will light up where you are looking. It may be a bit laggy, so you should turn it off when it's not necessary.

Both guns shoot with right-clicking, it consumes one Bullet or Round. The Shotgun does do some area damage. If you shoot one clicker that is surrounded by some runners, if they are close enough, the runners will take damage as well, can be buggy though.

The Medkit can be used by holding right-click.

The Switchblade can be used to take down Infected in one shot if you sneak up on them and crouch/sneak while left-clicking on them. This will kill them instantly.

You swim the same way as in the newer Minecraft versions.

So armed with your new knowledge, get out there, find some loot, secure your survival. And remember to always use the tools provided. Good luck.
CreditEmiel97 on planet minecraft - textures
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

02/06/2021 9:21 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
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02/07/2021 3:29 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Modder
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Unfortunately, at least for now, the modpack is stuck at 1.12.2, due to the main mod of the pack is made by me, using Mcreator. I created the mod in 1.12.2, but I might update it to 1.16 when Mcreator supports it better.

But if you have any ideas, please do let me know :D
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